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PKT Cash Cryptocurrency: A Virtual Currency Made By Sharing



In the last decade, the birth of several virtual currencies has been established, including the most well-known cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. It has evolved at an extraordinary pace throughout its lifespan in the form of its constant and innovative shifts.

With technology changing so rapidly (read more), it’s no wonder that finance and money are transforming right before our eyes. Financial transactions are carried out using new paradigms, including various channels, instruments, and systems that serve as a conduit for capital, even in digital assets. The traditional form of payment, which is through cash, is now possible with electronics (that’s what we call “cryptocurrencies”). Almost a thousand and more crypto spaces have been created since the release of Bitcoin last 2009, and one of which is PKT Cash.

First, What Is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, also known as crypto, is a visual instrument for finance, designed as a medium form of payment in electronics. While it is significant in the economic sense, it is implemented with decentralized control, which means these currencies are not regulated by an individual or a government. Moreover, it works through a distributed ledger technology, namely a blockchain, as a database for all the transactions that happened and will be made.

Although it is made for the public, cryptocurrencies are not legal in any jurisdiction. The price is restricted by the supply and demand of the market, which is highly volatile— it can make you rich and make your money go back to zero. Thus, an investor should be able to know the risks and returns before investing.

How To Make Money In Cryptocurrencies?

If you want to jump into the world of investing, it’s a no-brainer that you will have to learn about it first. One thing that all successful investors have in common is that they follow a set of rules.

Let’s take Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, as an example. He studied the momentum of a company and the entire economy by looking ahead in the future. Instead of just joining impulsively in the trendy market, he looks forward to the most significant opportunities to know how it works. More than that, he always looks for long-term goals than just by simply trading for a short time. Hence, in investing, continually educate yourself before starting a huge decision.

What Is PKT?

One thing you may desire is to earn passive income generated from your assets (link: There are numerous ways to make money, ranging from house rentals to car sharing and much more. Have you ever thought of this? If we can monetize our internet bandwidth when we share it in a secure and responsible manner, wouldn’t that be a great idea?

PKT—This novel blockchain-based solution pays you in cryptocurrency when you contribute towards its network’s capacity by using your bandwidth. This currency uses PoW (proof of work), but it is not controlled by a central authority. The mining reward total is about 64 billion coins and will be paid out over a period that extends to about six decades.

Although PKT cash is a relatively new thing, it has a great deal of potential for miners. For example, it allows all users to make cost-effective use of bandwidth to obtain passive income. Miners are authorized to generate cryptos whose value continues to rise. Moreover, PKT cash, like other cryptocurrencies, necessitates the use of a digital wallet to store, buy, and sell it.

Where To Mine PKT Cash?

PKT cash is mined using PacketCrypt, a free and open-source algorithm. You can visit the official website to start your investment journey by sharing your bandwidth. One of the mining practices in this platform is Announcements, which necessitates a lot of bandwidth.

It is usually practiced when you already have proof of work, and you’re essentially letting the collaboration with other miners know that you’re providing high-quality bandwidth.

Why PKT?

This cryptocurrency is ground-breaking for internet users worldwide to make a significant contribution to a fully accessible internet service protocol. It provides all types of people with easy-to-use, affordable internet communication while also avoiding the restrictions and limitations imposed by controlled ISPs.

With the growing demands nowadays, it might reduce the bandwidth cost in the future, which provides a financial incentive for most.


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