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Playstation 5 Consoles Bought in India Before Official Launch Will Not Have Warranty: Report



The most anticipated console PS5 didn’t get any official release date in India yet. Though the pricing of Sony’s gaming console has been revealed, the release date is still under folds.

But if someone imports the PS5 from outside the country then it will not come with Sony’s warranty card. As per a report, Sony’s PS5 consoles are available to purchase from importers but Sony’s executives confirmed that such purchase will not get warranty benefits. Sony is willing that Indians will buy their consoles from the official sellers instead of unauthorized ones that acquired the console from other countries. Nevertheless, these consoles will not be able to get a service from Sony.

MensXP reached out to Sony India on the issue of many gamers buying PS5 from foreign markets and importing them here. A Sony spokesperson said: “We advise our customers to check for the official Sony India Warranty card at the time of purchase to avail warranty benefits within India and in this context, it is important to note that PlayStation products marketed by Sony India are certified based on India safety standards stipulated by BIS”.

The report factors out that unapproved retailers are elevating the PS5 to Indian customers at an unnecessary premium that, in certain cases, goes over Rs. 90,000 and that too with none assurance. Individuals who’ve purchased these consoles won’t have the option to profit their assurance if need be, since imported support won’t have an authentic assurance in India. This would not come as a ton of stun in light of the fact that the previous innovation of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles furthermore didn’t help overall guarantees. This is exclusively standard inclusion and in the event that you happen to consider bringing in, it is basic to realize that you can confront issues in some time.

Currently, there is no confirmed release date for PlayStation 5 in India. PS5 has launched in certain countries on November 12. Nevertheless, Sony has confirmed the price for Standard edition Rs. 49,990, and 39,990 for the Digital version. According to the report console will be sold via Amazon, Flipkart, Croma,, Reliance Digital, and Games The Shop after the official launch in India.

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