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PlayStation 5 price apparently not yet finalized, claims survey taker



PS5 DualSense controller

Sony is set to launch PlayStation 5 in the holiday season but the tech giant didn’t reveal the price tag yet for the upcoming gaming console.

A Reddit user named as youessbee shared in the PS5 subreddit that he conducted a Nielsen survey on the price of PS5 and its digital version. “As mentioned in the product description, the pricing of this new product (PlayStation 5) has not yet been determined,” as per the screenshot of the survey. The survey also gave the pricing for the base console: 349 British pounds, and for Digital variant: 259 British pounds. This means the base variant of the PS5 would be of the $436 and the Digital version will cost $323.

The Reddit user asserts that in the wake of taking Nielsen overviews on TV shows and motion pictures with “irregular” summaries, a show or film with a similar story is discharged after certain months. This doesn’t really imply that these are the specific costs for the PlayStation 5 however, as youessbee said that in past reviews, the costs referenced are low, with the items discharged with a 20% expansion in cost.

Sony has to take seriously these surveys and answer them positively. The noticeable thing is that surveys also following the rumors that claim that there would be a price difference of $100 between the two variants of PS5.

As there is no confirmed price tag yet for the PS5 so crazy gamers there is no option available except wait for the official announcement of the price.


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