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Police formally asked to investigate Dominic Cummings over #CumGate



Dominic Cummings travelled to Durham with his family at the end of March (Picture: PA)

A police chief has formally written to Durham Constabulary asking them to ‘establish the facts’ about Dominic Cummings alleged journeys to the area during lockdown.

The Prime Minister’s most senior aide travelled to Durham at the end of March after experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Steve White, acting Durham police and crime commissioner, wrote in his letter: ‘It is vital that the Force can show it has the interests of the people of County Durham and Darlington at its heart, so that the model of policing by consent, independent of government but answerable to the law, is maintained.’

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What are the 5 levels of lockdown in the UK?



5 levels of lockdown in the UK

The pandemic, COVID-19, has left people devastated and governments are taking every measure to help people face this problematic situation. Coronavirus disease is not for you or me, it’s for everyone. No one knows the beginning and end, it’s just happening around! Coronavirus outbreak is divided into five different levels and The UK is currently at Level 4 of the breakdown structure. Read below to know about various levels and other information about lockdown in the UK.

5 Levels of lockdown

Level 5: RED

The disease is spreading like hell at this stage. R number is significantly above one in most parts of the nation.

As a result, the country runs under a shortage of resources in hospitals.

Level 4: Between orange and Red

When the value of Ro increases from 1 at least in some areas, it falls you in level 4. More strict measures have been taken in this.

The lockdown is imposed by the government. Britain is at this level.

Level 3: ORANGE

New Infections are reported and Ro number is increasing but not significantly. Ro is the reproduction rate of disease from person to person. R<1 in Level 3.

The partial lockdown has started in this stage. Supermarkets and essential commodity shops are allowed to open. Schools, restaurants, Malls have closed.

Level 2: Between Green and Orange

Virus Transmission is at minimum level leaves you in Level 2. This means the cases have started rising from 0 to above. Advised to stay indoors but no lockdown is there. Schools are allowed to open, supermarkets re allowed to open with social distancing.

Level 1: GREEN

If the country reached level one, it means we have achieved normal lives. Everything will be back to normal and reopen. No more lockdown and fear of anything. But this could only be possible when a certain vaccine been made to recover the COVID-19 infected patient. The world has to pass through a lot of losses before attaining this level. Many universities and medical pharmaceutical companies are working over the vaccine and hope to get the good news soon.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab confirmed on Sunday the country is in the process of ‘transitioning’ to level three, telling Sky’s Sophy Ridge: ‘We’re transitioning from level four to level three.’

Maintaining Social Distancing is the only big measure to save yourself from such a deadly disease. Other measures to consider are wash hands frequently, maintain hygiene, wear masks, Do not cough, or sneeze directly in the air. Yes, people around the world can not do anything for this deadly COVID-19 disease but I would say some measures that are in your hands should be followed properly. Take care 🙂


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EasyJet ‘to cut 4,500 jobs and shrink fleet’ due to coronavirus impact



EasyJet is set to cut up to 4,500 jobs and shrink its fleet amid the coronavirus crisis, Sky News has reported.

The pandemic has seen air travel brought to a stop as countries all over the world obey their own lockdown restrictions.

Already travel giants such as Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have announced a series of job cuts just weeks after furloughing staff.

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Tom Hanks donates more plasma after recovering from coronavirus



Tom Hanks is donating more plasma after recovering from coronavirus

Tom Hanks has been donating more plasma, after recovering from coronavirus.

The Hollywood star, 63, and his wife Rita Wilson both tested positive for Covid-19 back in March, while Tom was filming over in Australia for a new Elvis Presley biopic.

Tom had shared his diagnosis on social media with fans and kept his followers updated as he battled the virus.

He and Rita are have now both recovered and are back in the US, with the pair doing everything they can to helping with coronavirus research efforts.

Tom and Rita have donated blood to help with vaccine research, with Tom also donating his plasma (the liquid part of the blood) at the end of April, after being told he may carry coronavirus antibodies.

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And, continuing with his efforts, Tom revealed on Wednesday that he had been back to donate yet more plasma – in fact, two bags full.

Taking to Instagram, Tom shared a series of snaps (soz, if you’re a little squeamish) of him donating his fluids and added the caption: ‘Plasmatic on 3! 1,2,3 PLASMATIC! Hanx.’

He and Rita, also 63, were the first celebrities to reveal they had tested positive for coronavirus and have since shared their experience of the infection.

Speaking to Health magazine, Rita opened up about her ‘strange’ coronavirus diagnosis.

She said: ‘You always think that bad things happen to other people— until it happens to you, and you realise you’re not immune to it.

Tom and his wife Rita were the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus (Picture: Getty)

‘It was similar with my breast cancer diagnosis. While all this was going on, I actually said to Tom, “Before breast cancer, it was a thing that was sort of in the distance or something that happens to other people.”

‘And then I said, “But I don’t feel that way anymore. I mean, who’s to say we won’t get [Covid-19]?” And then we got it. It was so strange.’

Rita, known for roles in Sleepless in Seattle, Jingle All The Way and TV series The Good Wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2015.

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She underwent a double mastectomy one month after her diagnosis and announced her full recovery later that year.

Worldwide there are now more than 5.64million cases of coronavirus, with the US recording more than 1.7million confirmed cases.

Deaths in the US have now reached over 100,000, but it’s reported the country’s epicentre for the virus, New York state, has seen cases and deaths fall in recent weeks.

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