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Prisma Photo Editor: Positive & Negative Reviews



Prisma Photo Editor_ Positive & Negative Reviews

Want to send a picture to your loved one? But you do not know which photo editor to use? In the enchanting world, everyone wants to look good in pictures they share on social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Right? Moreover, users may want to look good when sending pictures to their loved ones. So, they impose certain effects, change their color tone, and much more.

Who does not like beautiful pictures! Everyone does! If you have a great quality camera smartphone then you do require any photo editor apps. But if you do not have a good quality camera phone these photo editor apps world great to make your pictures beautiful. A lot of photo editing apps are available over the playstore ad today I am going to discuss Prisma Photo editor. I am going to share all the positive and negative reviews so that it would be helpful for you to take a firm decision.

Expected features in a Photo Editor…

  1. Toolbox: A Good Toolbox that has features such as crop, flip, brighten, sharpness, vignette, etc.
  2. Mesmerizing beauty Filters: Various beauty filters re available in photo editing apps such as Charm, black and white, pencil sketch,
  3. Beauty kit: With eyeliner, lipstick, bindi, mascara. This is a very interesting feature. You do not have to put lipstick to take a picture. The apps these days will do it for you.
  4. Cute Animal face: These features make your picture cute and add various animal faces to it. (Not much-required feature, just for fun)
  5. Collage: Joining more than 2 pictures can give you a lovely collage that helps you to keep memories together.
  6. Sharing: Direct sharing pictures with your friends and family via different social media apps could be fun-filled.

What is Prisma Photo Editor?

Prisma Photo Editor is a great app with advanced filters and makeup box that results in delightful pictures. Prisma Photo Editor is developed by Prisma.Inc. it has over 120 million users. This editor transforms your pictures so well that it seems to be like painted by Salvador Dali, the famous painter! Wha else you need. Coming down to its features now!

Prisma Features

Prisma photo editor has some amazing features that would melt you down.

Art Library

In the Prisma art filter library, you would find over 300 different art styles. It has a great collection of different artistic styles to choose from. Pick your favorite one!

Prisma adds new art filters every day so the library is growing each and every day. Some special styles are released time-to-time. remember to grab them, do not miss it!

Large Community

Prisma has a large creator community. You can join the community and share your pictures. Also, you get the ideas to make your pictures beautiful by viewing pictures posted by others. Moreover, you can follow users and chat with them as well. The community is safe as well!

Tools together

Use different tools to make your pictures more attractive. Various enhancement tools are available such as to modify brightness, sharpness, color contrast, etc.

Aso, you can crop the pictures, square fit them and do much more you could ever think of!

Prisma Photo Editor Reviews

different people have different reviews always. One thing 100% for one, could be 50 % for other and 10% for others. Also, people experience different things in diverse circumstances. Here I am going to share both positive and negative reviews about the app.










These are the recent reviews directly taken from the google play store. Hope it would be helpful. You can visit and see more reviews.

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Final Words

Well, Friends, now it’s easy for you to decide is Prisma Editor good for you. I hope you would like this article.

Edit your pictures and keep sharing it with your loved ones! Apart from all filters, always remember, natural beauty is always mesmerizing!

Share your feedback on photo editors. thankyou!

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