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PS5 Reason to buy or not to buy : Problems, issues, Advantages (PS5 Complete Review)



reasons to buy PS5

Are you thinking to buy a new gaming console but confused between PS4 Pro and PS5? If yes, you are lucky to land here. Today I am going to discuss various reasons to buy or not to buy PS5. What could be the underlying issues and problems with PS5? Gamers always take a deep look into features, issues, Advantages, and disadvantages of a console before buying it. Scroll down to know more!

The release of PlayStation 5 is giving goosebumps to the players. Sony has already given the best feature gaming consoles such as 4K, Blur ray, and DVD technology till now. So what’s next? 8k? More storage space? High Processing power? If you are not in a mood to spend too much, it’s not worth to wait for PS5! Apart from all the features, pros, and cons, it is pretty much sure that PS5 will arrive with an elevated price note! So, lets now start discussing everything into depth to have a clear view of things.

Reasons to buy PS5: Advantages

Whenever new things come to the market, it’s very well assumed that it will bring some new features. It’s always exciting to be the first buyer of newly released consoles.  Let’s discuss the few reasons to buy PS5 at launch.

What’s new With PS5?

  • Experience a new level of gaming with PS5:  When Cerny was asked about the PlayStation 5’s VR capabilities and if a next-gen PSVR headset will launch alongside it, he said that: “I won’t go into the details of our VR strategy today beyond saying that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.
  • SSD Storage: Cerny also said that PlayStation 5 will come embedded with a solid-state drive (SSD) for storage. This is an extensive deal as it enables games to be loaded and run much, much faster than on a standard hard disk drive (HDD), allowing gamers to enjoy their PS5 games quicker.
  • Powerful CPU and graphics: More power CPU and GPU are going to bring surprises in the gaming. Playstation5 will be going to come with a kind of CPU and graphics that will surely fulfill your expectations. IN this gaming hardware, the upcoming CPU will be based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line of processors that delivers eight cores and the firm’s new 7nm Zen 2 micro-architecture. Moreover, PS5 will come equipped with a custom Radeon GPU that has the capability of, a never seen before, ray tracing technology.
  • Audio Unit:  Cerny said: “As a gamer, it’s been a little bit of frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.” PS5 is going to arrive with a custom 3D audio unit installed within its AMD processor.
  • Wireless Charging for controllers.
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Load time will reduce to Null.
  • Screen Resolution: Wasn’t 4k enough? what’s in 8 k? more clarity? After 4K, now its turn for 8K.  Screen resolution refers to the no of pixels. IN full HD,  horizontal resolution VS Verticle resolution is 1920 pixels vs 1080 pixels. IN 4K, it is 3480 pixels vs 2160 pixels. And now in 8K, it would be 7680 pixels vs 4320 pixels. This shows 8K has four times as many pixels as 4K and 16 times the number as Full HD. Amazing!

Reasons to Buy PS5

Early Buyers

  • Nothing can beat the feeling of being an early adopter.
  • Every new launch occurs in a 5-year gap, so brining a brand new console at home feels you like a KING!

Pick New games

  • You can grab the newly launched games at the time of the launch of the console.
  • So, you would be the first few to experience new gaming with 8K.

Reasons to not to buy PS5: Problems

Out of many reasons to buy PS5, there are a few reasons not to buy PS5.

  • Being Early Buyers has many drawbacks. This means you are buying a thing before getting enough reviews! Reviews will come out after usage only!
  • Secondly, only after usage, players can find out hardware or software issues. o if the company think to upgrade the next set of release, you would miss it! However, Softwares updates have no issues but Hardware updates can not be added/modified.
  • Also, With the release of the console, there are not many exclusive games released too. These will come maybe after some time. So, what’s the usage os new PS4, if you can not find anything interesting to play on!

Issues with PS5


Price would come out to be the main issue with PS5. Many buyers would take a step back because of high prices at release.


I found the expected design to be not that appealing and sleek as with PS4 pro.

PS5 all set to launch on June 11, However, Xbox Series X might get delayed!!

Final Words

Well, readers, I have shared all the reasons to buy PS5 and reasons not to buy PS5. I hope yo would like this PS5 Complete Review.

Buying it or not is completely your call. I have discussed all advantages and issues associated.

Mention in comments if you have any doubts!

Share your feedback. Thank you!


Made In India App Photostat launched as an Alternative to Cam Scanner|Check How To Use?



A major step was taken by the Indian government by banning Chinese apps in late June and once again some apps have been banned.

However, many Chinese apps were used by crores of users in India, who are looking for alternatives. One such popular app was CamScanner, with the help of which PDF files could be created by scanning them from the phone’s camera and shared as documents.

Now its best ‘Made in India’ option Photostat app has come.

Many such features are also being found in the new photostat app, which was not being given in cam scanners.

Offering a wide range of features, this app is considered to be the best ‘Made in India’ option for scanning documents. This app has been prepared by Sandeep Hudkasia’s team and it is completely safe. In this app, no watermark is visible on the documents and it is 100 percent free. This means that no ads in the app are shown to the user while using.

How To Use In Hindi?

  • Talking about other features, support of the Hindi language has also been provided in the app. Apart from this, you can also mark the required documents as favorites.
  • Also, the option of a one-click share has also been given in this app. Users can download this app from Google Play Store.
  • After giving basic storage and camera permissions this app only needs to point the camera at a document, after which it can be scanned and saved or shared in PDF format

Scanned documents can also be arranged in different folders in this app with a size of about 37 MB. It also has four color filters and the app has got ratings of over 4.8 on the Play Store.

Google launched “people cards” in India: How to make your people cards on Google?

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Google launched “people cards” in India : How to make your people cards on Google?



Google today launched “people cards” in India to let individuals create their profiles on its search engine.

You may be wondering why we’re launching this feature in India first,” said Clark in a briefing. “We are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people.
We found that there was some unique information needs to India that we could help serve first.”

Google has brought the convenience of people’s cards to mobile users. This means that you will need to log into your Google account on your mobile device to create your public profile.

The new feature that has been in testing in the country for a couple of years brings a virtual visiting cards-like experience to Google Search, where users can highlight their existing websites or social media profiles to detail their identity to the public.

In addition, the new experience is only available in English for now, although other languages ​​will be added.

How to make your people cards on Google

  • To create your people’s card, sign in to your Google account and search for “Add me to search”. Now you will get a prompt, “Add yourself to Google search”.
  • Tap on that prompt and you will then be asked to provide your phone number which will be verified through a six-digit unique code to begin the process.
  • Google Search allows you to create your own people’s card by searching for “add me to search”

Now, Google will provide you with a form to create your public profile.

By adding a brief description of your location as well as about you and your business.

You will get options to add details about your work, education, hometown, websites, and social media profiles.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Will have These Latest Exclusive Features Now 

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PUBG Ban : Why are PUBG and COD not banned in India? Can It Be Banned in August 2020?



PUBG has a different level of popularity among gamers. People can change their eating habits, can indulge in other entertainment activities but PUBG lovers can’t resist them by playing the game or so.

There are many versions of the game. Just after its launch, it got immense popularity around the world, especially in India.

When the Indian Government took action and banned some Chinese Apps due to the intense situation at Indo-China Border, Gamers were anxious that with Tiktok, Govt could ban PUBG too.

Just after this news, everybody started flooding the web with similar questions like Has PUBG banned in India, Can It Be Banned in the Near Future, and so on.

If you are also one of those PUBG lovers, Then this article might be a great help to you. 

Why are PUBG and COD not banned in India?

PUBG Mobile has been developed and is managed by the PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, which is located in South Korea. After the initial success of the game, Tencent Games approached PUBG Corporation to distribute the game in China.

Soon after the game was a success in China, Tencent Games brought it to India.

PUBG Mobile: Fate in India

Recently, PUBG Mobile has also come under fire in India and it’s fate now hangs in the balance. The Ministry of IT and technology has just banned 47 more Chinese apps in India. These were banned on the grounds of lapses of data privacy.

Why PUBG is not banned in India yet?

  • PUBG says the data obtained from Indian users is stored on servers located in India. “Our servers are located in India.
  • Its support, engineering, and other teams located in offices around the world have access to the information of its users in some countries, but in the case of Indian players, it is located in India only.

After banning 59 Chinese apps last month, the Indian government has bought the hammer down on 47 more Chinese apps with 275 more in tow. 

The list of 275 apps includes PUBG Mobile too.


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