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PUBG Corporation is Hiring in India: Good news for gamers



PUBG Corporation is Hiring in India


  • PUBG Corporation is hiring people to work for its Bengaluru office.
  • The PUBG Mobile maker is looking for an Investment and Strategy Analyst for the Bengaluru location.
  • This means PUBG Corporation is expanding its India team and plans to stay here for longer.

PUBG fans, there is good news for you, as the popular gaming app might make a comeback in India.

PUBG Mobile could be soon coming to India as the Korean developer starts hiring people in India. Krafton, the South Korean company that owns PUBG Corporation is found to be finding people for the organization in the country. Krafton posted jobs on Linkedin for the Indian market.

PUBG Corporation is Hiring in India: PUBG India Comeback?

The PUBG job Linkedin listing does hint at the return of the extremely popular mobile gaming app in India.

The company posted some listings on LinkedIn which suggests that they are looking for an Investment & Strategy Analyst. The listing is for an associate-level position and is looking for someone who can support the senior team in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investment, and more.

The selected candidate will have to “support in key corporate strategic planning processes” and support the “process and global deal flow evaluation with respect to India and MENA regions.”

Since Krafton is willing to expand its India team, it may mean the company is not going to call it quits on the Indian market. And because it is persevering in India’s gaming market, it is safe to assume that PUBG Mobile India may still be on the cards.

A Krafton official did confirm recently that the company is striving hard to make the Indian version of PUBG Mobile a reality. At the time of writing, more than 200 applicants had registered for the position. It is expected that PUBG Corporation is confident of making a return to the country.

But little has worked as the government announces that the ban is a permanent one. The ministry made it clear that the ban will not be revoked, not because it was a Chinese app but owing to its violent nature.

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