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PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020: Here’s Everything You Need to Know



PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020

PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge is the official event of the gaming giant and on Monday it revealed that they are going to host a new edition of this event. 32 gaming influencers from across the globe will participate in this event. Various celebrities will captain their team for different regions that are competing in the Global Extreme Challenge on 30 July. Here we are with the complete schedule of PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020.

PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020 schedule

The event is launched for the ‘play for good’ activity of urging gamers to remain at home during the pandemic and furthermore contribute their own endeavors to society. PUBG Mobile is attempting to get out players and networks to consolidate to beat troubles and difficulties through the activity.

Showdown Schedule for different regions:

  • l July 30 (UTC +0) 12:00 -14:00 (Southeast Asia)
  • l July 30 (UTC +0) 16:00 -18:00 (South Asia, Middle East)
  • l July 30 (UTC +0) 18:00 -20:00 (North America, Europe)
  • l July 30 (UTC +0) 00:00 -02:00 (South America)

The live stream starts on 30th July (tomorrow) from 11:30 PM IST. From India, two teams will play against teams from MENA countries:

  • Team Mortal: Mortal (captain), Soul Regaltos, Soul Viper
  • Team Scout: Scout (captain), Dynamo, TSM-Entity Jonathan

North America and the European Union

  • Team Ky Bowman
  • Team Jack Osbourne
  • Team Aleyna Tilki
  • Team Kevin De Bruyne

South America

  • Team Paulo Dybala
  • Team Levinho
  • Team Yurem Rojas
  • Team Marian Santos

Southeast Asia

  • Team Gading
  • Team Aurelie
  • Team Jay Chanathip
  • Team Hien Ho

South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

  • Team Scout
  • Team Mortal
  • Team Om Sayf
  • Team Pikachu

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List of gamers selected in the PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020

The gaming influencers who will be featured in the event are:

    1. BTR Alice
    2. Tacaz
    3. Onic Mute
    4. Secret Biubiu
    5. Bangpen
    6. Masterramen
    7. ABCT36 Gaming
    8. Ngan Sat Thu
    9. Wynsanity
    10. Sevou
    11. Rolex
    12. Panda
    13. Atro
    14. Om Sayf
    15. Aeddi407
    16. Pikachu
    17. Doch
    18. Dream PUBG
    19. Mezarci
    20. Oldboy
    21. Alucarov2
    22. Dextroger
    23. Don Tacho
    24. Alpoxzen
    25. Flashzito
    26. Riserbeck
    27. Nato Gamer
    28. Eilocosantiarg
    29. Mortal
    30. Scout
    31. Dynamo
    32. Regaltos


During this difficult time, it is a great initiative of PUBG Mobile for bringing positive impact and encouragement to society and people. I think you are ready to vote for your favorite stars via Twitter to make them winners. So don’t miss any challenge and stay tuned with us for more fresh updates.


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