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PUBG Mobile India APK Download Links reflect on the Official Website (Not working yet)



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Indian PUBG lovers are in great excitement as the Indian version of fighting giant is about to launch. There are lots of various signals that are indicating it might happen soon. Many users spotted the download link of the PUBG Mobile Indian version on the official site. That means developers are testing the web page before the launch of the game.

In June the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile along with other Chinese apps. Since the ban, the company is trying its best to figure out the reasons behind the ban so that PUBG Mobile makes a comeback in the Indian market. Having a huge user base in India, it is pretty crucial for the company to get its space back. After severing ties with Tencent, we saw PUBG Corp’s parent company Karfton sign a deal with Microsoft Azure to host its PUBG games.

As a result game’s Chinese connection will end up and it would give the surety not to host user data on any Chinese server.

In recent days we observed the official announcement that PUBG is coming back to India in the form of its Indian version. The Indian version of PUBG Mobile will come with lots of modifications and as per the latest leaks, a full trailer of fighting giant is on its way. And now, some users spotted the download link of the PUBG Mobile apk version on the official website.

PUBG Mobile Indian version APK download link observed by some users on the official site

Hopefully, the wait for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is about to over and there were rumors that the marketing campaign for the game might initiate on Friday. Many PUBG lovers reported that the PUBG Mobile India website put up the download links for the Apk version of the game. They spotted the links in the news section of the website. Users found two buttons, one of them was leading to Google Play Store and the second one was for the direct download of the Apk version of PUBG Mobile.

Nevertheless, the buttons were not fully functional and redirected the users to several PUBG Mobile resources. According to the majority of reports, the Google Play Store button led them to the PUBG Mobile India coming soon announcement, while the APK download button led them to the PUBG Mobile India Facebook page.

There are different hints indicating that the Indian version of PUBG MObile is close to release but still we are not aware that the government gave the official permission to the game or not.

We can expect positive results and if you are curiously waiting for PUBG Mobile then drop your views in the comment section.

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