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PUBG Mobile India update: From ban to mega relaunch and disappointment, game’s 2020 year in review



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PUBG Mobile India has been in news for quite some time now. The previous year had been a challenge for the company and a disappointment for the players.

Let us take you back to the times from where it all started and how.

PUBG Mobile India banned

In September, amidst the escalating tensions between India and China over the Galway valley incident in which Indian soldiers were killed, the Government of India launched a ‘digital surgical strike’ on Chinese apps in the country. 118 apps were banned for national security reasons. Among those 118 apps, PUBG Mobile India was one of them.

The year 2020 has been, in some sense, disastrous for PUBG Mobile; especially in India.

After-effects of Ban

Right after the news broke that PUBG Mobile India has been banned in the country, there were multiple reactions coming from all over.

We tried to list out some of the prominent after-effects of the ban listed below:

1. Fake websites

After the ban, many fake websites were floated on the internet which offered to download PUBG Mobile games. Many players were be-fooled and looted. These websites were made for their own profit generation.

2. Disheartened players

The biggest effect could be seen on the players of the game. They were literally disheartened. Obviously, if the game has the ability to make someone addict to it, banning the same will break the hearts of many.

3. Huge loss in revenues

The company faced huge losses in revenue. The Indian market was said to have been the highest paying market for PUBG Mobile. The ban on the game in the country made the company suffer huge and massive financial losses.

4. Changes in company structure

Tencent, which was a Chinese company and had a prominent stake in PUBG Mobile Corporation, was now removed as the distributor in India.

PUBG Mobile India’s parent company Krafton, tied up with Microsoft Azure for data and user security.

Removal of Tencent from PUBG Mobile India

The removal of Tencent from PUBG Mobile India meant that it did not have any Chinese stakeholders. If the Chinese investment is taken aback, the chances of a relaunch in the Indian Market are quite high.

Relaunch of the game

PUBG Mobile India announced in November that they would be coming back with a mega relaunch in December. Around Diwali, many news started flooding the internet that the company is making some changes in the game and that there will be a new version of PUBG Mobile India.

The company also registered in Bangalore and the same reflected on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company started recruiting officials for their Indian workplace. Moreover, a country manager was also appointed for the same.

The ultimate decision of the relaunch is completely in the hands of the Government of India.

The Government of India will decide, whether or not, the ban on the game be lifted or not.


In an RTI query, MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), the entity which had banned PUBG Mobile India, was still not convinced about the security of the game. They flatly refused to give permission to relaunch and all the momentum was lost.

PUBG Mobile India Re-launch date

With the registration of the company, the speculations of the relaunch started doing the rounds. The first tentative date of the relaunch was December 2020. But, this could not happen as the Government of India did not approve of it.

If reports are to be believed, PUBG Mobile India’s launch date is now tentatively March 2021, and that too if the government changes its stance towards China.

Threat from competitors

The only strong anticipated competitor is FAU-G. The latter has been already registered in the name of Akshay Kumar. Recently FAU-G started the process of pre-registration for its players and it garnered over 1.06 million pre-registrations in less than 24 hours in November.

FAU-G is all set to be launched around January.


The year 2020 has been a great roller coaster for the company. On one hand, if it was the time to break all records of revenue because of the pandemic and lockdown, the company faced a complete ban in the Indian market.

The speculations and rumors about the relaunch and its related topics have created a kind of frustration in the players in India. This might cost the company a loss of multiple users.

On one side, the company is still waiting for a green signal from the Government of India; and on the other side its facing the challenge of losing users.

Meanwhile, the competitors have started building their space in the market and capturing the segment.

PUBG Mobile India has an immense fan following and still there exist a lot of hardcore game follower groups.

The real challenge for the company though is re-entering the Indian market.

Let us all wait and see how the company plans to re-establish itself in the minds and hearts of the gamers in India.

Do not forget to write to us about how you feel about PUBG Mobile India.

How many of you are waiting for the game to relaunch?

Also, how many of you are waiting for the Indian version of the game?

What all do you expect from the company in the latest version to add or delete?

What is your take – Whether or not, the company should be allowed to relaunch in India?

We have set down some very interesting and debatable questions for our readers, and we hope of getting the answers soon.

Don’t forget to check back for the latest updates and answering the above questions.

Happy New Year Readers 🙂

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