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Pulse oximeter: Important Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Pulse Oximeters



Pulse oximeter


  • Oximeters have become an essential household device to keep your blood oxygen levels (SpO2) in check.
  • Dipping SpO2 levels is one of the key indicators of the COVID-19 infection in people.
  • Oximeters can help you indicate the symptoms early, which lets you take proper treatment in time.

Want to buy a pulse oximeter online? We have a pulse oximeter buying guide for you that will help you make the right buying decision. Have a look at the types of oximeters, price, features, things to consider before buying.

The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 enters the body through the respiratory system, causing direct injury to a person’s lungs via inflammation and pneumonia — both of which can negatively impact how well oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream.

If a person has a mild case of COVID-19 and is self-treating at home, an oximeter can be a helpful tool for checking oxygen levels so that low oxygen levels can be caught early.

Some of the parameters to consider getting the best pulse oximeter

Type of oximeter

The first thing to determine is the type of oximeter you need for home use. So, there are three types — fingertip pulse oximeter, handheld oximeter, and fetal pulse oximeter.

For home use, the fingertip pulse oximeter is the best fit. The other two are primarily used in hospitals and clinics while costing slightly higher.

Check for certifications

Make sure to check for certifications to ensure the quality of the oximeter. There are a few organizations that certify the quality and standards, which also assure the accuracy of the device. Some reliable certifications are FDA, RoHS, and CE.

Battery Life

Look for a product, which should offer around 20 hours of battery life, and consider getting a pulse oximeter that can automatically turn off, when the device is not in use.

Price and features

Finger pulse oximeters start from around ₹1000 and go up to ₹5000 or more, but note that you don’t need to pay a higher amount as its main job is to read blood oxygen level and it doesn’t matter how much the device costs as long as it’s giving accurate readings. Usually, you can get a decent oximeter at around ₹2000 in India.

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