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Ranking the Best Online Casinos in the UK



Over the last two decades, independent data shows the UK online casino scene has grown significantly. Online casinos account for more than half of all gambling exercises in the UK, and the number is still going up.

Future projections also show the exponent growth of online casinos. However, not all online casinos are the same. As with physical casinos, finding the right place is the difference between winning and losing. For more on the best online casinos, read an in-depth guide here.

Now, online casinos are trying to get the attention of bettors and gamblers from all over. And to lure you, these gambling companies are using various strategies such as;

  • Putting up new and exciting games
  • Stringent security measures
  • Tailored user and customer experience

However, before you can fall for these and more luring tactics, you need to evaluate the betting site and determine if it’s your best fit. So, what should you look for in exceptional betting sites? Here are the top features.

Features in top betting sites

These features are targeted at getting you to visit the online betting sites, but they are also geared towards easing your user experience. As such, these online casinos focus on timelessness, mobility, convenience, and variety.

Ideally, these firms want you to be able to access the sites from any point in the UK and even the world. So, what are some of these features?

1. Betting sites are becoming increasingly mobile

In the UK, virtually everyone has at least one smartphone. And with the technology increasingly advancing, mobile dives have become the target platform for most casinos.

Whether through creating bespoke betting websites or developing user-friendly mobile applications, betting sites are all out when it comes to mobile platforms.

Websites that are easy to navigate and efficient get many more customers than those who lag and load forever. The same goes for mobile applications. Users prefer light and easy to navigate apps that don’t take up too much space.

2. Online sites have more variety than ever

The other significant feature of online betting is the large variety of games. In the old physical casinos, you had to play whatever was available. However, today, you can play more games than ever on several leading websites and apps.

In the United Kingdom, games such as poker, slots, and table games take the lion’s share in the market. However, smaller games such as liver dealer games and jackpots are also gaining a user base in the region.

Moreover, one other critical advantage of online games is their versatility. For example, on some games such as Starburst and Gonzo, you can curate an experience based on your preferences.

3. Focusing on live games draws more users

Have you noticed more online casinos have, over the last few years, switched to live games? While online games are interesting, they can sometimes feel monotonous when you’re playing against some machine.

Fortunately, today, you don’t have to worry about playing against machines and algorithms. With live games, you’re ensured of human contact as the casinos use real dealers. Moreover, online games also allow you to connect with other players. For instance, if you’re playing pool or table cards, you can meet new friends on the betting platforms.

4. Promotions and bonuses

One of the other ways online casinos acquire and retain customers and users is by using promotions and bonuses. At almost any time, online casinos will have bonus points for new members.

In some cases, users can even take advantage of these promotions and bonuses to increase their betting skills and prowess.

5. Rea-time customer support

When dealing with money, it’s always important to know your money is safe and accessible at all times. As a result, one of the most referenced reasons bettors contact customer support is when they have money-related issues.

Most modern online betting sites include multiple payment options, expedited withdrawal and depositing processes, and effective customer support.

Should you be stuck on monetary or other user-related issues, you can reach out to customer service for real-time assistance.

6. Impenetrable security systems

As mentioned above, when involving money, you must ensure the platform you’re sharing information with is safe and secure.

Some of the information required when registering includes credit card information, physical address, emails, and phone contacts. The top sites have their platforms secured against any external attacks or manipulation.

These are just some of the top features evident in the high-ranking casinos in the UK. With these features, online betting sites continue to grow their reach in the betting and gambling industry.


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