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Reduce File Size When Changing Word Docs to PDF



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If you are facing trouble because of low space on your computer or even on your smart device because of a huge amount of word documents on your hard drive, then don’t worry we have the perfect solution for this problem. You must read this content until the end so that you can know how you can reduce the size of the word files by still keeping them on your drive. Along with the top ways in which you can reduce your doc file size, we will also tell you about how technology helps you in this reduction of size. So without any kind of delay, let us move straight towards the details of the content!

Big size of word files!

Although word format is the most popular writing platform that is loved by all of the writers and content developers all around the world, you should know that the world files come with some cons. One of the cons of word files is that they are large and can consume a lot of space on your system’s drive, which can make it slow. If your system starts lagging, then know that it can seriously affect your work, especially if you are related to content writing or management.

Now the first thing that comes in our minds is to delete the word files so make some space, but you should know that not all files are there to be deleted, important files with important content on them like research papers must be kept safe and intact on your system, and this is why we have gathered information about the top two ways in which you can convert the word files to pdf and can reduce their size.

Conversion of the word to pdf!

If you can convert your word files to pdf, then know that you can free up a lot of space on your computer system. Pdf files do not only reduce the word files in half of their size but will also provide the proper protection. Now you might be thinking how to convert word files to pdf! Well, a very genuine concern of yours! We have gathered the top two ways right below this passage. Use the one that suits you best.

Manual conversion of word to pdf!

The first way to convert files to pdf is the offline method, which anyone of you can do without any formalities or even an internet connection. You just have to open up the word files on your computer and enable their editing access. Now when you enable the editing access of the document, you can simply save a new version of the file. At the same time, saving the file this time, you have to simply select another location and also check the format to pdf. The word will simply save your content in pdf in the other location by itself when you complete this action by clicking the ‘save’ button. You can delete the original file afterward. Now, this is a very easy process but is very time taking and tiring, plus it is not feasible if you have a bulk of files to convert!

Automatic conversion of word to pdf with the help of online tools!

Then modern technology and tools have helped us a lot in almost every aspect of life, and this is the only reason that we have selected the online conversion method in today’s content. There are many inline words to pdf converter tools on the web that can help you with this problem, but we will recommend you use the ‘convert to pdf’ tool by duplichecker. The duplichecker is a very well-known platform that can help you in the simple management of content. The word to pdf converter tool by duplichecker is very easy to use, and you don’t have to worry if you have no prior experience in this regard.

Here are the steps that will help you in the simple conversion of docs to pdf!

  • Open up this link and get to the main interface of the tool.
  • In the converter tool, you will see an upload button; using this bar, you can easily upload word files from your computer system.
  • After uploading word files, you just have to click on the ‘convert to pdf’ button below the tool!

The word to pdf converter tool will simply help you in converting as many files as you want to in less than a few seconds. This method of converting word to pdf is more convenient. The best part is that this word to pdf tool is free and has no formalities or restrictions in its use. Here are some features of the tool!

  • You can convert every file on your system for free.
  • You can save a lot of time in conversion.
  • You can convert your files with full security and reliability.
  • The formatting and styling of the original document are kept intact!

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