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Six Ways to Find Information Using Reverse Search



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Most of us are clued up on how to find anything using search engines like Google and Bing. You can search for anything under the sun and easily find it. However, recently, the search has gotten more advanced with the option to conduct a reverse search. For example, maybe you have found an image of a product that you want to learn more about. Reverse image search allows you to use the image to find out more about the product. And, you can reverse search almost anything including usernames, IP addresses, audio, phone numbers, names, videos, and more. 

What is Reverse Search:

Reverse search refers to searching on the internet with files, media, and other information rather than just text queries. For example, you could search for a song using an audio file or find a person using their phone number or address. There are various types of reverse search tools that you can use to achieve your goals. 


Reverse search for a username can be useful if you are looking for somebody’s social media account, for example. Most people tend to use the same username for different websites so it’s an easy way to find somebody on Twitter or Instagram, for example. 


As long as you have the address, you can easily use reverse search tools to find an individual or an organization. Various search people websites, social media handles, and usernames can also be used to help you find the information that you need. 

IP Addresses:

You can learn a lot from an IP address, but you need to use the right reverse search tool to take advantage of it. The IP address alone is not enough for you to find out more about a person or a business, but the right tool can help you decode an IP address and find out the relevant information you’re looking for. 

Phone Numbers:

If you have a phone number but do not know who it belongs to, reverse search can be a very useful tool. For example, if you’ve missed a call while your phone was on silent and you do not know where it came from, or if you have been receiving nuisance calls where the caller hangs up when you answer, a reverse search tool can help you determine where the calls are coming from. Nuwber is an ideal tool for finding information on somebody with just a phone number. You can find the name and address of the owner of the phone number along with any public records associated with them. 

Email Addresses:

If you need to find more information on somebody but only have an email address to go by, a reverse email address search can help. Most people receive emails from unknown senders claiming that you owe them money or have won a large amount of cash. While most of these emails are usually spam, if you are curious about where they are coming from, a reverse search can help you track them down so that you have more information to use to make a report. 


If you’ve heard a part of a song that you liked but don’t know the full name of the song or the artist, you can use the audio to reverse search and find out what the song is using a tool like Shazam

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