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Social media influencers will now have to add labels for paid content, new guidelines out



Social media influencers


  • ASCI is taking steps to guide social media influencers.
  • Social media influences get a set of guidelines to follow.
  • The guidelines will be applicable to advertisements published on or after June 14, 2021.

The ASCI has released the guidelines for influencers advertising on digital media. All social media influencers will have to mandatorily label content that promotes products and services on digital platforms.

The guidelines contain an exact set of rules and regulations that influencers will have to follow while advertising on digital platforms. This news comes when a lot of businesses are reaching out to influencers for promoting their products and services.

New Guidelines:

  • The guidelines say the disclosure label should be clear, identifiable, and prominent (not buried under hashtags), and specify exactly where, how, and for how long these labels must appear.
  • These guidelines ask influencers to put such disclosure at a place where an average consumer cannot miss it.
  •  It urges influencers to first review the product and services before promoting them to their followers. There must also not be any fake claim about the product in the sponsored content.
  • If sponsored content is a video, the disclosure label must stay in the video for a minimum of 3 seconds. For videos longer than 2 minutes, the disclosure label must stay for the entire duration of the section where a product is being promoted.

Applicable date:

The guidelines will be applicable to commercial messages or advertisements published on or after June 14, 2021. The guidelines make it mandatory for influencers to label the promotional content they post.

Subhash Kamath, Chairman, ASCI said:

“We received an overwhelming positive engagement and feedback from influencers and others for the draft guidelines, as well as suggestions to finetune and clarify some points”.

“After extensive discussions, we are now launching the final guidelines that balance the interests of the consumer, influencers, agencies, advertisers, and all other stakeholders. I urge everyone to follow the ASCI Code and the guidelines and be part of this change promising transparency and responsibility.”

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