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Sony’s PSVR 2 Coming Soon Or Not? Check All Details Here !!




Gamers are unstoppable when it comes to PS games. Recently a piece of news broke out stating about the unannounced release of PSVR 2 that makes the fans of VR overjoyed.

After this, the whole web got flooded with the queries related to PSVR2. So We are here to help you know all the important details that probably you can’t afford to miss.

As for PS5 ramps up for release, we find ourselves endlessly speculating about what VR will look like on the new console.

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About PSVR 2

  • PSVR will be compatible with PS5.
  • With the PS5, Sony looks to be upping the ante significantly, and the next-generation of PlayStation VR likely called the PSVR 2, could significantly push boundaries for the industry as a whole.
  • Regardless, a Sony PSVR 2 could still be in the works. And given that PSVR has sold over five million units on PS4, it would seem a bit weird for Sony to be working on new VR products without considering the implications for PS5.

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A PSVR 2 headset appears to be in the works for PS5, according to a leaked job listing.

Spotted by UploadVR, the recent job listing from Sony Corp Japan states

 “You will be in charge of the development and design work for the housing and barrel of the next-generation VR head-mounted display.” 

Furthermore, the job listing says that the job is to “develop a mechanism for a VR head-mounted display with a view to five years from now”, which suggests that Sony could release the PSVR 2 mid-way through the PS5’s life cycle.

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