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Space Force review: Netflix sees the funny(ish) side of the moon



Steve Carell takes command of Space Force on Netflix May 29.


Welcome to Space Force. Netflix sees the funny side of the moon as it puts The Office in uniform, straps into a rocket and imagines how a cosmic new branch of the military will put Americans back on the moon. Armed Americans. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for war.

The United States Space Force is of course a real thing, splitting off from the Air Force in 2019 as President Donald Trump claims the stars for the stars and stripes. Netflix’s new comedy, streaming starting May 29, begins with a capricious (unnamed) president tweeting that he wants boots on the moon ASAP. And the man charged with the sacred responsibility of bringing war to the Sea of Tranquility is Steve Carell‘s dutiful general, a former fighter pilot who’s gone from top gun to top brass — but knows nothing about space, rockets or connecting the two. “Let’s Apollo 13 the shit out of this!” he declares.

The general may not know his astronaut from his elbow, but he’s assisted by the technological genius of John Malkovich as a sinuous civilian adviser. Rolling his eyes so hard they practically have an orbit of their own, he’s deeply cynical about the military program as he wrangles both the rigors of science and the chain of command. Immaculately turned out in precise suit and tie at all times, Malkovich brings a gravity to proceedings that adds a sheen of class even when the comedy gets silly.

John Malkovich is go for launch in Space Force.


And Space Force‘s comic pedigree is of course impeccable. It’s created by Greg Daniels, the man behind the American adaptation of The Office and co-creator of King of the Hill and Parks and Recreation. He and Office star Carell conceived Space Force, and you can draw a pretty direct line between The Office and the new show — it’s another workplace comedy in which colleagues with variable levels of competence get on each others’ nerves while working toward a probably pointless goal.

The only difference is Space Force isn’t an office, it’s a sprawling secret base in Colorado. And it’s not the photocopier on the blink in this workplace, it’s a rocket costing the taxpayer roughly the same as four middle schools.

Funnily enough, Space Force blasts off on Netflix just weeks after Greg Daniels’ other technology-themed show Upload began streaming on Amazon. These two shows share a similar feel, in that they’re part of a new generation of post-Office comedies where the traditional sitcom has been replaced by the sort-of-com. There are a lot of these shows about in the streaming age: Bojack Horseman, Barry, Master of None, Bad Girls, Louie, Dead to Me and so on. The sort-of-com is sort of a comedy while sort of looking like a drama.

But is it funny?

Sort of…

Space Force is definitely funnier than Upload, but still feels like the comedy isn’t funny enough, the drama isn’t dramatic enough and the satire isn’t sharply satirical enough. Each episode has its own sitcom-style set piece acting as a launchpad: Carell loses his marbles in a mock-up lunar habitat; he and Malkovich ferret out a spy; and a simulated space war game pits Space Force against the Air Force. In between, scientists clash with soldiers, a Russian observer works to get his hands on both the general’s technology and his daughter, and the Chinese are one step ahead of every giant leap.

A subplot about the First Lady’s redesign of Space Force’s uniform is slyly funny, as is a visit from a Silicon Valley hotshot, but not every subplot connects. Booksmart’s Diana Silver plays the general’s daughter, but her romantic story just kind of orbits around without going anywhere. Neither does the subplot about the general’s wife, played by an underused Lisa Kudrow, which doesn’t offer much apart from the mystery of how she ended up where she is.

Ben Schwartz from Parks and Recreation ensures Space Force’s social media game is on point.


Carell is so charming you can’t help rooting for him even when he’s at his most jarheaded. But his character, and in fact most of the characters, could be more sharply defined. There’s a reason we remember Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam and the rest of The Office’s workmates: they’re so specific with identifiable traits, wants and frustrations. But after watching the first episode of Space Force, heck, even after the entire first season, it’s hard to know who Carell’s general actually is. Is he a bland bureaucrat or a gung-ho fighter jock — or one pretending to be the other? Does he even believe in Space Force?

Alongside him, supporting characters played by Jimmy O Yang and Ben Schwartz are just … there. One’s a publicist and one’s a scientist, and that’s kind of it. Neither is able to sink their teeth into the inspired lunacy which made their Silicon Valley and Parks and Rec characters so memorable. We spend a lot of time with Tawny Newsome‘s Space Force officer before she reveals her ambition to be an astronaut so late in the season it’s like they thought of it at the end of the writing process and never went back to add it to her character.

Yes, Space Force is frequently funny. But for every impeccably timed Malkovich moment or solid gag about who pushes the button to launch the rockets, there’s a cringey line like “What’s after Brexit? Frexit? Swexit?” An AOC-esque congresswoman is referred to only as “Angry Young Congresswoman” and a congressional hearing is interrupted by protestors in Handmaid’s Tale outfits, which is less of a joke and more of a thing that actually happened. Like Daniels’ Amazon sort-of-com Upload, the satire feels like it’s just pointing at things rather than truly skewering them. For example, when Schwartz’s vacuous publicist exclaims, “I should be tweeting this,” it’s not a punchline, it’s literally his job description.

Space Force has the capacity to be a modern Dr. Strangelove, nailing the depressing jingoistic inanity of the drive to militarize space. In comic terms it’s a successful launch, but the small steps could have been gianter leaps.


WhatsApp Beta Users will Now be Able to Watch ShareChat videos in Picture-in-Picture mode



WhatsApp has reportedly released ShareChat video support for Android and iOS beta users.

On WhatsApp v2.20.81.3 beta version for iOS and WhatsApp v2.20.197.7 beta for Android, all users will be able to watch Sharechat video in-app via a floating video, it works just like YouTube and Facebook video links. is.

In addition, the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS indicates that the messaging company is pursuing wallpaper customization in chat for users.

This means that whenever this feature will be made live, users can set different wallpapers in different chats.

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WhatsApp is enabling ShareChat video support

As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is enabling ShareChat video support in its most recent beta version for Android and iPhone.

Tracker informed that this feature will not be immediately available to all users, it may take up to 24 hours to reach all of them, after which users can use it.

As we mentioned, this feature will reportedly work on the WhatsApp v2.20.81.3 beta version for iPhone and WhatsApp v2.20.197.7 beta for Android.


  • After the introduction of this feature, videos shared from Sharechat can be viewed by playing in WhatsApp itself.
  • Just like a Sharechat video will be shared on WhatsApp, the video box will appear in your chat with the Play button.
  • The video will start in picture-in-picture mode in WhatsApp as soon as you press the play button.


Latest WhatsApp v2.20.90.21 has discovered all new things in beta. The new beta indicates that WhatsApp is working on a new multi-wallpaper feature.

Currently, this feature is under development.

But in the future, it will be made available to all users through updates. With the help of this feature, users can set different wallpapers in different chats.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update: First upgradable outfit Golden Pharoah X-Suit Introduced to the game.

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PUBG Mobile Latest Update : First upgradable outfit Golden Pharoah X-Suit Introduced to the game.



PUBG Mobile Latest Update

PUBG Mobile has added its first upgradable outfit Golden Pharoah X-Suit to the game.

The new outfits have been combined with the latest update, which brings the Ancient Secret game mode. There are many variations of the Golden Pharoah X-Suite. Some elements of this outfit are inspired by the future and some by historical elements.

According to the official website of PUBG, it can be upgraded to change its appearance, as it has three variants,

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • one last form

The ancient game mode has gone live in PUBG Mobile and some new features and modes are also available.

PUBG Mobile has tweeted that the Golden Fera X-Suite is the game’s first upgradeable outfit, which may mean that some other suits will be added in the coming times.

Golden Pharoah X-Suit is part of the Ancient Secret game mode, which brings temples to the Erangel and Miramar maps, which float in the sky after a certain time and then disappear.

Suits can be obtained by opening the crate during the event at PUBG Mobile, as well as the ongoing lucky draw, which will run until September 11.

PUBG Mobile has also posted a video on its official website, which gives information about several unlocked items in the game.


  • The Golden Pharoah X-Suite comes with exclusive rewards, which can be achieved by opening the Farah crates until 13 August.
  • It is part of the Ancient Secret Mode. Floating Temple has been added to the game, giving players a chance to receive Epic loot.
  • Puzzle has also been added to both maps and solving them gives great loot. In addition, there is a slate puzzle and a new boss fight, which takes place inside the floating temple.

PUBG Mobile: New Eragel 2.0 Map And Weapons Introduced in PUBG Mobile Beta Version !!

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PUBG Mobile : New Eragel 2.0 Map And Weapons Introduced in PUBG Mobile Beta Version !!



The PUBG Mobile beta version has finally got the Erangel 2.0 map with the 1.0 update.

The news was shared by the PUBG mobile team on its Discord server, where every detail of Erangel 2.0 was given.

The Beta 1.0 update is currently only available for Android users, in addition to the iOS version, which will be rolled out soon.

There are many changes to this version, but the biggest change is the Erangle 2.0 map.

It is important to note that since this is a beta update, it may see several changes until the game comes to a stable version.

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PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 updates

  • The new PUBG mobile beta update has come with a straightforward 1.0.0 version from 0.19.0 instead of the 0.20.0 version.
  • It has brought a new Erangel 2.0 map.
  • The map comes with some changes compared to the first. Appears more attractive than before and many elements have been changed in it.
  • There are some changes to the buildings in the new map, such as Mylta Power, Quarry, Prison, and many other areas.
  • Players will see trenches, old corroded tanks, barricades, and many new additions to the map.

New weapon Introduced

There is also a new weapon – the M1014 – as well as some changes for stability.

Some problems have also been fixed through new updates. Cheer Park has been revamped with the showdown and some other items.

The new beta version can be downloaded to Android devices from here. iOS users will have to wait a bit.

According to a moderator on the PUBG Mobile Discord server, the link is not likely to be updated. If this happens, users have been advised to download it again after a few hours.

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