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Starting a Kirana Store



Kirana store

What is a Kirana store?

A Kirana store is a small neighborhood shop. These shops stock goods for everyday needs and a wide variety of commonly used grocery items. The concept of Kirana stores’ is alive for decades because 

  • These stores are locally placed and can be easily accessed to buy daily necessities. 
  • They can easily analyze customer needs as they work on a local level.
  • Human interaction is an important aspect of buying; some people believe in buying things in person after inspecting their features. 

Important aspects of starting a Kirana store

  • A Business Plan 

The time value of money indicates that today’s value of money is worth more than the value of the money in the future. A well-thought-of strategy to ensure that your investment today can see potential earnings is imperative for any small or large business. Identify the financial circumstances and the tastes of the potential buyers and market the goods accordingly. 

  • A good location

Every locality has a distinct customer base, and its needs are based on that. Identify your target audience. Visibility, affordability, and manageable lease terms are the cornerstones of a good location. 

  • Investment

After finalizing the location, you can either open your store or purchase a franchise. 

There are departmental franchise stores that provide full support to set up the store for an initial fee and continuing royalties to a franchisor.

If you plan to start a Kirana store from scratch, the amount you invest is determined by your budget and the location where you want to sell. You’ll have to devise a strategy for obtaining the funds needed for rent, costs of design and infrastructure, energy bills, and inventory purchases, among other things.

  • Inventory

The next in line is stocking up the goods to sell. Choose seasonal and demand-driven goods to market. Products can be purchased from a distributor or directly from wholesalers, which is far less expensive. It is advisable to use inventory management software to manage the inventory. To provide the best goods to your clients, you’ll need to purchase from a vendor that provides high-quality items, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service. 

Tips to increase the sales of a Kirana store

  1. Existing customers: To boost sales, concentrate on regular customers and retain them while still gaining new ones.
  2. Relationship: Staying loyal to your employees and existing customers is the most effective way to outperform your competitors. 
  3. Innovative and unique products: The time value of money indicates that being the first to market or sell a new product would give you a significant competitive advantage. Unique and quality products can draw consumers to your store, as well as aid in word-of-mouth marketing.
  4. Discounts and offers: To entice and make regular customers, offer discounts and gift coupons but don’t make any unappealing offers.
  5. The technological catch: Use smart options like UPI/QR code as easy payment methods to encourage customers to purchase at your store. 


Kirana stores in India earn anywhere from 5% to 25% of their revenue. If you know your competitors well and keep your customers happy, you are sure to gain success in your Kirana store business. 

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