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Stay Away From Oximeter Apps on Phones : It could be a Phishing attack?



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Hey readers, we know a very tough time is going on, People are dying for oxygen cylinders, beds, plasma during this COVID pandemic. The situation is getting worse day by day. Many governments have also started putting lockdown gain in their trajectories. But during this tough time, some people are not getting any mercy on innocent patients, and they want to take benefit of their illness.

Oximeter Apps on Phones

In the name of app Oximeters, they are looting innocent people who being unaware of this fraud, think that this is a govt initiative to check oxygen levels at home without oximeters. But this is completely a fraud. No apps can do wonders. If you also get a link on any social media platform to check your oxygen level by clicking on any link or by downloading any app, don’t click on it as they can be suspicious.

Because medical professionals say that no current app can check your oxygen level in blood simply by clicking on it. They are just to mislead innocent patients. The people who either have covid-19 or if they have any relative who is suffering from the same, then, they use to get trapped into such frauds easily. So these fraudsters are majorly targeting such people and also get their personal data via these apps.

So don’t trust any such fake apps. Just follow the government advisories, take very good care of yourself and maintain social distancing as much as you can.

It could be a Phishing attack?

It’s most likely a phishing attack to hijack your biometric as well other confidential data from your cellphone.

As per information, a viral message, which reads “Everyone please install an app and measure oxygen level daily in this corona time and if oxygen level falls below 90 please consult a doctor immediately. App for oximeter, blood pressure, and heart rate, give permission of camera to measure on the app” has been making rounds on social media and people are falling prey to it, which they unknowingly consider as a cheaper option for the oximeter.

With the devices out of reach, people are turning to questionable alternatives: the third most popular paid iPhone app last week claims to be able to measure blood oxygen levels through the phone’s camera, despite a disclaimer that says the app is not a medical device.

On Reddit, some people fighting off COVID-19 say they’re using a health feature on some Samsung phone models to check their oxygen levels. Others say they’re using pulse oximetry features on smartwatches.

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