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Switching From PC to Mac: The Newbies’ Guide on How to Do PC Things on a Mac



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Did you know that there are 100 million active Mac users in the world?

If you’re switching from PC to Mac, know that they have lots of differences in the user interface. It’s more streamlined and user-friendly, making it a great computer for beginners. But without prior experience with Apple products, you might find it difficult to adapt.

Don’t give up!

With this guide, you’ll learn how to use a Mac and some other things you must know once you use it. Read on and find out how a Mac can change your experience.

1. How to Right-Click on a Mac

This is one of the most asked questions by PC users when they switch to a Mac. Apple’s mouse and trackpad have no buttons, so this function isn’t as apparent compared to Windows-based mice. The pleasant news is that you have a few ways of doing this.

When clicking, hold the CTRL-key to simulate a right-click. It’s clumsy, so a good alternative is to go to your System Preferences and look at the Trackpad option. Here, you can enable the Secondary Click that lets you tap two fingers to open the menu usually opened by the right-click.

The best method is to get a Magic Mouse. With this, you can go to your System Preferences and look for the Mouse option to allow Secondary click. That way, the right side of your mouse button can now do right-clicks.


2. How to Open PC Files Using a Mac

If you’re worried that your files are unusable after the switch to the Mac, know that the majority of it is usable with the system. Common standards for media like JPG, MP4, MOV, and AVI have compatible apps with the macOS. With this, opening it is as easy as double-clicking them.

Did you receive a file through your email? If so, use the Quick Look feature to look at it before downloading it. You can find it on the right side of the main panel for your email.

Take note, some file extensions aren’t openable using a Mac. For example, your Mac’s video player software can’t open WMV. It’s easy to skirt around this restriction since you can get VLC Media Player, the most popular third-party video player, with over 309 million downloads.

3. How to Shut Down, Sleep, and Log Out of Mac

PC shutdown was a straightforward process for Windows computers since all they needed was to access the Start button. This changed after Windows 8’s Charms bar. The good news is that Windows 10 made it easier once more.

But for Mac users, the process is much easier. Click on the Apple icon located on the top left corner of your screen. It opens a dropdown menu that lets you choose whether to put your Mac to sleep, restart, or shut down.

Do you want to log out of your current user account but not shut down your Mac? If so, you can find that option at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

4. Look for a Program You Wish to Open

Windows has the Search function while the Mac has Spotlight. It allows you to look for applications and files rapidly. You can access this by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon located on the top right corner of your screen or by holding Cmd-Space.

Either way, the blue search bar will appear, allowing you to type the program or file’s name. Another alternative is to go to your dock and click on Launchpad. It’s an icon that looks like a silver circle with a spaceship within.

This brings up icons of various installed applications within your Mac computer. If you’re more comfortable with a Windows Explorer-style approach, click the blue icon that looks like two faces. This is the Finder, which searches files as well as the Search function.

5. How to Uninstall a Program

Was the PC’s add/remove programs feature easy for you? If so, you’ll find uninstalling apps on macOS strange. Most of the time, you’ll only need to find the application and move it to the trash.

Take note, the apps’ icons on the dock are only shortcuts, so it won’t affect the actual app if you drag it to the trash.

Sometimes, you’ll need to look a lot deeper to remove all files associated with an app you want to get rid of. It’s prevalent in apps that need administrator privileges to install. Be mindful of these applications and see whether their removal is easy enough.

Do you need to change your PDF file into a Word document? This is different too! Don’t worry, though, here’s a simple article about how to export PDF to Word.

6. How to Minimize, Maximize, and Close

For long-time PC users, the way macOS windows function can be an enigma. The top-left traffic light buttons look similar to Windows. But clicking the red cross only closes the current window without dismissing the app.

You can achieve the function by pressing Cmd-Q. As for the yellow minus button, it’s the same as the minimize function of Windows computers. For the green plus button, it won’t maximize the pane—it only enlarges to fit information within it.

The macOS Mountain Lion comes with a maximum feature for the majority of its apps. You can do this by clicking on the two gray arrows located on the upper right corner of the current window.

7. How to CTRL+ALT+Delete

The macOS has a great level of stability but could still suffer from unresponsive applications. The Mac has no delete key, meaning you must press Cmd-Alt-Esc instead. This brings up the Force Quit window where you can select the unresponsive program and manually close it.

You can also go to this menu by clicking the Apple icon and clicking on the Force Quit option from the resulting dropdown menu.

Start Switching from PC to Mac Today!

These are things you must remember when switching from PC to Mac. Use them to make your transition easier.

But don’t end your tech journey here. We provide tons of guides for the digital landscape, gadgets, video games, and more. Feel free to explore more of what we offer to find the tech-guide you need, right here!


Shopping Of Tiktok for Twitter will not be easy : Microsoft is Not Alone in The Race !!



Shopping Of Tiktok for Twitter will not be easy

Twitter has engaged in a conversation with Tiktok, showing interest in Tiktok’s US operations.

Tiktok app purchases have started gaining momentum now. Till now, the Microsoft company was seen standing alone in the purchase deal of Tiktok’s American operations.

But now Twitter’s name has also been added to the shopping list. Micro-blogging website Twitter has also joined the Chinese short video making app Tiktok in the shopping spree.

Trump banned TikTok app

Let us tell you that US President Trump has recently passed an executive ordinance due to national security, instructing Tiktok to withdraw from America in 45 days. In this case, Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance will have to sign the deal within 45 days, because after 45 days, Tiktok’s parent company will be completely banned from financial transactions in the US.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Will have These Latest Exclusive Features Now | Check Out 

The path to Twitter is not easy

According to the experts of the case, shopping for Tiktok for Twitter will not be easy.

Actually the financial condition of the Twitter company is unfit compared to Microsoft. Twitter’s market capitalization is around $ 30 billion. In such a situation, it will have to take other companies to buy Tiktok, while Microsoft will not face any such challenge. Because of this, the Microsoft company seems to be at the forefront of the competition for Tiktok app purchases.

Tiktok banned in India before America

Let us tell that before the US, India first banned 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok. This decision was also taken by India due to its security concerns. Whether or not Tiktok’s Indian operations will be included in Twitter and Microsoft’s purchase deal. No information has been revealed about this at the moment.

WhatsApp Beta Users will Now be Able to Watch ShareChat videos in Picture-in-Picture mode

Stay Tuned !!

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How to Convert ASPX to PDF: A Simple Guide




There are many situations where PDF files are the preferred file format. This guide shows how to convert files from ASPX to PDF.

ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended. This is a special file extension that is generated from a web server for Microsoft webpages. ASPX files are sometimes hard to view and even harder to edit. One way to do either is to first convert the ASPX file to PDF. 

But how can that happen? A lot easier than it sounds! Below is a simple guide on how to convert ASPX to PDF.

How to View an ASPX File

APSX files are extensions of Active Server Pages. There are two simple ways to open and view them is by using a web browser.

Method 1

Step 1: Open your web browser. Chrome or the latest version of Internet Explorer works fine, but Chrome has more extensions that can help with file conversion later.

Step 2: Open your computer’s document viewer and find the ASPX file you want to view.

Step 3: Click and drag the ASPX file from your document viewer to your web browser’s URL address bar to open it within the browser.

Method 2

Step 1: Locate the ASPX file with your computer’s document viewer and right-click on it.

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, locate the “Open with…” option and click it. 

Step 3: Pick your web browser, preferably Chrome or Internet Explorer, from the “Open with…” drop-down menu to open the ASPX file within your browser. 

How to Convert to PDF

Any regular document file can be converted to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file through your standard word processor or any number of programs. Similarly, any ASPX file can be converted to a PDF in a few different ways.

Method 1: Using the Chrome Web Browser

Step 1: When viewing the ASPX file in your web browser, locate the Print Menu, or simply press “Ctrl + P” for the menu to pop up.

Step 2: Locate the “Print As…” or “Destination” option and set that to “Save As PDF” then click “Save”. You will now have a PDF version of the ASPX file save to your computer.

Method 2: ASPX to PDF Converter

For this method, you need to down the converter ASPX to PDF program from IronPDF. It is helpful to know a little coding or be familiar with .NET programs, but not entirely necessary for this article’s purposes. IronPDF has a great step-by-step guide to learn the coding behind the program to start manually converting ASPX files to PDF pretty easily.

Step 1: Open the converter program.

Step 2: Using the IronPDF ASPX to PDF step-by-step guide, download and install the IronPDF C# PDF Library into the ASPX to PDF Converter. This configures the conversion settings to your needs with minimal manual coding.

Step 3: Once the code library is installed, you can convert ASPX files to PDF.

Method 1 is definitely the quicker one. However, Method 2 provides the most customizable functions to not only open and convert ASPX files but also to edit them.

Ace PDF From ASPX Conversion

ASPX files are not the easiest file to use, but now that you know how to convert them into a PDF file you now have an even greater tool at your disposal.

For other guides like this one, or to find great articles about internet and business solutions, visit

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How to Pre-order PS5: PS5 Price, Release Date, Pre-order News



How to Pre-order PS5

Do you want to know how to Pre-order PS5? Fans are still in dark about PS5 price and launch date and they are eagerly waiting for the same. The PS5 release is a month away or a year away is questioning among fans.  The PS5 play event in June revealed a lot of details about the most awaited PS5 and it came out to be the most-watched gaming live stream in the history of YouTube. Today I am going to share all about PS5 price, release date, and pre-order details.

The black and white console with rounded edges is winning the hearts. Newly introduced Dualsense controller and plentiful configuration (825 GB SSD, 10.3 teraflops AMD RDNA 2 GPU, and amazing graphics). The price is yet not known and to be announced yet. The 4K games at 60 fps, up to 8K resolution, up to 120 frames per second, ray tracing, fast-loading SSD are some mind-blowing features one might expect in new generation console. Expected games are Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon II: Zero West, Gran Turismo 7, and many more.

Sony PS5 State Of Play Event Date Leaked: What To Expect

PS5 Price

The announcements about PS5 price is yet to be made and can make assumptions about price mystery. During the release of PS4 Sony has lowered down its price by $100 as compared to Xbox one but this time both are waiting for each other to reveal price first and thus the price news is hanging in the swing.

PS5 expected prices lies somewhere between $550 to $699. A much higher price will lower down the sales. And The price of PS4 was $399, so a new generation console would come out to be for a somewhat higher price than the previous one.

PS5 Release Date

Sony has announced that PS5 will be launched in Holidays 2020, this means at the end of December. According to us, it would hit the market in November 2020.

According to a post on Twitter, the news is out about the DualSense controller price and its release date. In the post, it is very well written that the DualSense controller will be launched on November 20, 2020, and it will cost around $60. So, reading this, the expected release date for PS5 would be in November 2020.

PS5 vs PS4: Should you buy now or wait? Comparison

How to Pre-order PS5?

Since Sony hasn’t made an announcement regarding the launch date and price, there is no option to pre-order. But this hasn’t stop online retailers from offering stopgap solutions. At Amazon, the PS5 page is live and went viral in July 2020. Similarly, at best price, target, and Gamespot, the page is live and you can sign up for notifications about PS5 availability. It’s like notifying about pre-order. So whenever pre-orders start these platforms send yo a mail informing about pre-order of the console.

Thus, for time being, you can signup for online retail platforms to get notifications.

Sony Is Now Preparing 9-10 Million PS5 Consoles For Production, Report Says

Will there be any PS5 bundles?

Chances are there that PS5 will come with bundles. Bundles mean maybe you will get free games along with the console on launch. This is only an expected part, not a confirmed one. So, do not be a part of rumors.

Our verdict

Most awaiting console next event is about to happen in one or two days. The expected things in that would be its release date and price. But according to our verdict and research, Sony will only reveal more about console specs. However, the date is unknown, production is going on huge. So, no delays are expected!

So, friends, this is all about how to pre-order PS5, its price, and launch date. Signup on amazon, eBay, best price, and GameSpot for notifications, Stay informed! Don’t miss any information and updates!

I hope you would like the article. Sare your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

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