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Take your hand to the next level with these Blackjack side bets



Blackjack, or 21 as it’s sometimes known, is one of the casino’s classic table games. The game is a battle of player versus dealer, but it’s incredibly easy to pick up and understand. Simply beat the dealer – either by scoring a points’ total closer to 21, or hope that the dealer exceeds this tally and goes bust. While Blackjack has remained vastly unchanged since its inception, if you’re playing at an online casino, you may notice innovative variations on the traditional card game. These offer different pay-outs, and side bets to keep things fresh and exciting. If you’re looking for something more than the 1:1 pay-out that Blackjack offers (or 3:2, of course, if you land a natural), read on, as we reveal some of the different side bets that can be found.


This side bet involves the player’s two cards, and the dealer’s up-card. The house edge will vary, depending on how many decks of cards are being utilised. Using hand rankings from Poker, the bet will pay out on the following combinations:

  • Flush: all cards are suited – pays 5:1
  • Straight: all cards are consecutive – pays 10:1
  • Three of a kind: all cards are the same value – pays 30:1
  • Straight flush: consecutive cards of the same suit – pays 40:1
  • Suited triple: three cards of the same suit and value – pays 100:1

Perfect Pairs

This side bet involves the player’s cards only, and players are looking to land a matching pair of cards – hence the game’s name. Again, the house edge will vary – dependent on the number of decks in play, as well as the pay-outs. There are three different forms of pairs:

  • Mixed pair: two cards of the same value but different suit and colour – pays 5:1
  • Coloured pair: two cards of the same value and colour – pays 12:1
  • Perfect pair: two cards of the same value and suit – pays 25:1

Lucky Ladies

This side bet is all about landing a total of 20 points – ideally with two queens, but a pair of 10s would also do. There are many different winning combinations, but these are based solely on the player’s hand:

  • Unsuited 20: pays 4:1
  • Suited 20: pays 10:1
  • Matched 20: two cards of the same rank and suit – pays 25:1
  • Ladies: two Queen of Hearts – pays 200:1
  • Lucky ladies: two Queen of Hearts when the dealer has a Blackjack – pays 1,000:1

Super 7s

As its name suggests, this side bet is all about the player having 7s in their hand. As long as they have one 7, they are a winner. Winning hands can be achieved through the two initial cards dealt, or if the player receives a third card, this is also a possibility. Here are the different pay-outs:

  • One 7 – pays 3:1
  • Two unsuited 7s – pays 50:1
  • Two suited 7s – pays 100:1
  • Three unsuited 7s – pays 500:1
  • Three suited 7s – pays 5,000:1

Playing online Blackjack will open your eyes to many different variations, including Blackjack Surrender or Buster Blackjack. Or if you’re looking to mirror the brick-and-mortar casino experience, why not try your hand at Live Blackjack? The opportunities are endless.


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