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The Importance Of Optimising For Voice Search With Absolute Digital Media



Optimising For Voice Search

Whether you are a small to medium business looking to aid the growth of the company, or you are an established business looking to up your online marketing we are here to help. With many strategies for you to use and experienced content writers out there like the ones, we possess at Absolute Digital Media, optimising for this new way of searching could not be any easier. To help you get started, we will be providing you insight into some of the steps that you can take to ensure it is fully optimised at every stage. 

It’s Set To Become The New Normal 

One of the core reasons behind optimising for voice search is that it is set to become the new normal. Whether it is from a Google or Alexa device or a mobile phone, more and more of us are making use of voice search on a daily basis. With everything from directions, to answers to basic questions covered, this is a great way to optimise your content and improve the ranking for your website

By aiming for a featured snippet with your mobile optimised content, you can set the boundary and begin to create content that is beneficial to your audience. In order to do this, however, you will have to research the relevant keywords as well as the length of these particular keywords. Due to voice search queries being more informal, a long-term keyword is likely to rank better than the traditional length of the keyword. Combine this will long-form content written in a conversational tone and you are likely to better your chances at ranking for a featured snippet. By enlisting the help of an agency such as Absolute Digital Media, you are able to ensure that your content is completely optimised every time. 

Absolute Digital Media Explains the Importance Of Keyword Research

Keyword research is important in PPC, SEO and other aspects of the keyword research. When optimising for voice search, a long-form keyword is better suited. These long-form keywords will suit the conversational tone. By using small but simple tips to make sure your content is as optimised as possible, you are able to aim for the featured snippet. Though it will take you time to fully optimise this, using the right keywords from a keyword gap analysis will benefit you in the long term. 

When you have optimised these keywords, you should then create content that is fit for purpose. By making sure that your content is written and provides insight into your chosen product or service whilst providing insight into the services that you provide thus improving the customer service experience. When you are creating content for a specific voice search term, you should create a response that is tailored to the response that your audience will want to hear. By tailoring your content and ensuring that it sounds as natural as possible, your more likely to see your content ranking successfully. 

The New And Improved Customer Journey 

When you have created your content, you can then begin to improve the new customer journey. When looking to optimise for voice search, there is a new conversion funnel for you to consider. With many different search queries made throughout the day, it is important to ensure you are optimising for the correct search queries. To help you get this right, we have compiled a list of some examples of the search terms you should optimise for. 

    • Awareness: “What’s The Best Brush For Curly Hair?” 
    • Interest: “Can You Make Phone Calls From A Tablet?” 
    • Evaluation: “Which Is Better, Siri Or Google?” 
    • Purchase: “How Much Does The New iPhone Cost?” 
  • Customer Support: “Why Does My Computer Keep Crashing?” 

By using queries such as this as a guideline, you can then begin to optimise your content to the fullest without spending a small fortune on PPC. This content can be featured either in a blog post or on an FAQ page and can provide the answers to questions that your customers are looking for In addition to this, optimising for voice search can put you ahead of your direct competitors in the l-long term for outstanding results at this time. 

Make Your Content Interactive With Google Skills 

Google and Alexa skills are another great way for your audience to interact with your content. By creating a back and forth between the content you have created and the voice search device, you can link your customer to an app or a website for more information. It is this interaction that can boost the traffic to your site and provide long term benefits. When you provide this level of experience to your customers, they are likely to keep returning. This will, in turn, increase customer loyalty and keep customers coming back and purchasing items or products from you. 

Track Your Visibility To Specific Key Terms 

Visibility for specific key terms is vital when optimising your content for voice search as you want your content to be fully optimised. By taking the time to make sure it has the correct optimisation of specific key terms, you are able to ensure that the Google Algorithm favours this over your competitor. It is important to note, however, that this may take some time. Therefore, enlisting the help of an agency can help you to achieve these results as part of a fully optimised content strategy, allowing you to compete with other direct competitors with ease. 

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