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The Many Uses of Vlogging in Today’s Digital Age



Online video blogging

A video blog, or more commonly referred to as a vlog, is a type of web-based video format. Vlog entries typically combine video clips with a variety of text and images. The purpose of the vlog may be to entertain viewers or to inform them. Online video blogging is usually used as a medium for people to share and view different videos and pictures from around the world. As you may have noticed, there are many websites where you can post your own videos. The following are some tips for a popular vlog if you’re interested in creating one of your own:

How to Start a Vlog

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Tools You Need 

Starting a vlog involves the use of a variety of tools and resources. The first tool that you will need to master in order to start your own vlog is your platform of choice, such as YouTube or WordPress. 

tips for a popular vlog

One of the best video hosting services for vlogging is VideoPress, a WordPress tool. By using VideoPress, you can upload your videos directly to your blog page. This is a very easy process, and once you learn how to set it up, you will be able to do it on your own within minutes. 

After your videos have been uploaded, you will then be able to create your own marketing strategy. All of this requires that you know a little bit about vlogging. You should check out some of the other great resources that are available when you search for these types of videos online.

  • Choose a Topic that You are Familiar With

The first thing that you need to do to start a vlog is to choose a topic that you love. If you know a subject well, then you’ll have no problem talking about it. Once you have a topic, you can use your knowledge to write a script that will make others interested in watching it. If you know how to write well, then you can create a video that will be enjoyable for everyone to watch. If you’re not that great at writing, consider hiring someone who is.

  • Record Your Video

Another thing you need is a good recording system. You will need a good quality microphone and good-quality speakers, as well as a computer. When you are using your computer for your vlog, make sure you use the highest quality settings. 

  • Make Some Final Edits

Next, you will need a good editing program. There’s a wide variety of video editing programs available depending on your operating system and level of experience. Most are ones you will have to pay for, but there are some free options as well. Do research to find the best fit for you.

The Uses of Vlogging in Today’s Digital Age

Vlogging can have many intended purposes. If you use vlogging correctly, your voice can be heard around the world in a matter of minutes. This is why it is important to master vlogging and always keeping track of what you’re doing. The following are some of the ways that you can use vlogging:

  • Use Vlogging for Marketing

Now, there are a number of reasons why one might use blogging as a way of promoting their product or service. One of the main reasons that one would look into this method of marketing is the fact that some vloggers have access to very large audiences, and you can use a partnership with a vlogger, or your own vlogging audience, to advertise. 

Advertising to a pre-existing audience means that the vlogger, whether it is you or a partner, has already cultivated a relationship of trust with their viewership, and viewers will be more likely to trust any promotions the vlogger is making. The more people who are talking about your product, then the more customers you will have. When you have a larger customer base then it is possible for you to increase your sales and profits.

  • Use Vlogging for Entertainment Purposes

Vlogging tends to be a form of entertainment. Most vloggers that are popular today use their vlogs to simply entertain people and bring joy into their life. This is how a vlogger is able to cultivate a relationship with their viewership. 

Then, once that viewership is engaged, many vloggers use their videos as a platform to promote themselves and sell products or services. Just as people sit through commercials as they watch their favorite television programs, people will sit through advertisements placed in online videos in order to watch the content they crave. In many cases, vloggers are earning revenue through the content that they post to their sites. This is especially true of the influencer subclass who is so popular on Instagram and YouTube. 

  • Use Vlogging for Informational Purposes

One of the many reasons people use vlogs is to inform others. One of the things that make vlogs so good at this is the fact that they can reach millions of people so quickly and efficiently. Many vlogs are used to spread information or teach viewers how to do certain things. 

You can find vlogs about many things. If you can think of it, you are sure to find a vlog about it somewhere on the internet. Vlogs are a great way to spread information. A popular subgenre of videos online is the video essay, in which the creator tackles a topic and puts forth information and, often, some kind of persuasive argument. This could be about other media, about history, about science, or anything else you could think of. 


Nowadays, more and more people are getting involved with vlogging. Vlogging can be used to make money, to entertain, and to inform people. No matter the type of things that you like to do, you are sure to find a vlog about them. If you can’t, then maybe you can start your own and find a way to monetize it. The internet is an incredible tool and when used correctly it can completely change the way you do things and live. Next time you are thinking of vlogging, give it a try. You never know, you might just go viral.

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