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The most common Zoom problems and how to fix them



Zoom problems

Looking to host a virtual meeting with Zoom? But unfortunately, Zoom is not working well then what would you do? No worries folks I am here with the best fixes of Zoom issues so that your video conferencing doesn’t suffer.

Because of the global pandemic, people have to maintain social distancing and all are working from home and in this tough time, video conferencing calls are on the rise. Indeed Zoom has become synonymous for video conferencing but currently, users are facing so many issues with Zoom like audio-video issues, problems while sharing the screen, connectivity issues, and many more.

Here we have gathered the possible fixes for all Zoom problems so just go through the post and get the instant solutions to troubleshoot Zoom problems.

Common Zoom issues and how to deal with them

Webcam or audio not working

It is pretty frustrating when your webcam is not working on the Zoom video call. In case you have selected your camera and it is not working or your web camera is not visible then don’t be panic. Try this trick to solve this hurdle. Whenever you join a call on Zoom it will prompt you with an option “Join with video before entering the meeting”, click on it. You will simply join the meeting without your camera.

If your webcam is not visible then make sure all the programs associated with webcam are not running means they are closed. Because Zoom will not eligible to use the camera if it is currently running with another program.

On the off chance that you’ve joined on the web (or to simply twofold check your webcam in the fundamental Zoom application,) you can likewise choose your webcam by clicking Start Video (it may state Stop Video on the off chance that you’re in a call.) If the screen is clear, you would then be able to tap the bolt close to the camcorder symbol and pick the Same as a framework or an all the more explicitly named webcam from the rundown.

If nothing is not working then uninstall Zoom and reinstall then try again.

If the problem still exists then the probability is that your webcam is blocked for the Zoom app. To fix it check your app permissions and allow from there.

Problems while sharing the screen

One of the most important parts of a Zoom call is screen sharing and if you are facing issues to share the screen then you need to check a few things.

Screen sharing needs high bandwidth so first of all make sure you are running a brawny internet connection.

It’s likewise a smart thought to attempt a Screen Share meeting first in Zoom. You can do this by choosing Start with no video at the Home tab when beginning or joining a gathering. Your gathering will at that point start with just audioconferencing, opening up some data transfer capacity. Your video won’t be naturally turned on.

On the other hand, in case you’re now on a call and need to share your screen, take a stab at killing your video by tapping the Stop Video catch and afterward picking the green Share screen button.

Issues in receiving emails from Zoom

The most common Zoom problem that is irritating users right now is the problem of receiving emails from Zoom. It consumes around 30 to 40 minutes to arrive email but if the emails are not accessible then you need to check your email configuration.

You need to contact your IT specialist to whitelist Zoom’s email IP addresses. In case you are utilizing Gmail or another email service then also check your spam account to consider if the Zoom’s emails are in Spam.


The chief cause behind the Zoom problems is a weak internet connection and to strengthen your internet connection you can install Speedify app that monitors the quality on internet in the background. Speedify upgrades your bandwidth and hence you get a problem-free Zoom video conferencing call.

Also, you can apply the above-mentioned tips to fix all the problems that occur while making a video call on Zoom.

If you have any other fix for Zoom issues then don’t forget to share with us.

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