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The Review of the Best PDF Editing Website for Everyone – CocoDoc



Nowadays, people need PDF editing software since everyone uses PDF files. In this article, we will review CocoDoc and the online PDF editor the best in its niche. Without any further delay, let’s take a look at what CocoDoc has to offer.

Pros and Cons of CocoDoc

No review is ever fully complete if we do not look at the upsides and downsides of software. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons when you edit PDF online in CocoDoc.


  • Affordability

Unlike its competitors, CocoDoc provides the best software at an extremely affordable rate. It has a free version and then there are the 3 types of packages. The first plan is the basic plan. It costs around $9 per month and has a few tools that you can use. The second package is the premium plan at $12 per month, which gives you more tools and access to their mobile app so you can edit on the go. The third plan is the business plan which we recommend the most. The price s $25 per month and has been rated as the best out of all the plans by users since you get access to all the tools at a steal. Unlike when you use Adobe Acrobat, CocoDoc is cheaper and better.

  • Amazing Security

Since the beginning, CocoDoc has focused on security because they knew that this is one of the things that customers most valued. This is why today, CocoDoc has been certified with 256-bit encryption. This protects users’ data and files and does not let anyone else access the files except you.

  • Excellent tool variety

CocoDoc has focused on its tool variety as well. They offer a large number of tools that satisfy many users for everyday use so make sure to check them out. If you are still confused about what kind of tools CocoDo has to offer, then keep reading, because we will let you know further into this review.


  • The mobile app is not available to all users

Unfortunately, CocoDoc has a mobile version that is not free. You must be subscribed to their premium plan or higher so you can edit from your phone!

  • Does not have all the advanced tools

CocoDc has tools but they are not suitable for professional users. Adobe Acrobat is the go-to when it comes to extremely advanced tools. Please make sure that you check out all the tools before subscribing.

What tools does CocoDoc provide?

CocoDoc has a variety of tools to offer its users at an extremely low price. Let’s take a look at these tools.

  • PDF Converter

CocoDoc offers the possibility to convert your file from PDF to some other format and vice versa.

  • PDF eSign

Helps you easily sign a document using your actual signature.

  • PDF Unlocker

This feature allows you to remove any password on a PDF file.

  • PDF Compressor

Compresses the total size of your PDF file.

  • Password Protection tool

This tool is usually used to place a password on your PDF file so that no one can gain access to it except you.

  • PDF Editor

This is a common tool that is used to make corrections to the format, spelling mistakes, and more!

  • PDF Merger

This tool aids you and combines files if you need them. You can combine up to 10 files together.

Review from users

CocoDoc has been reviewed by millions from all over the world. CocoDoc has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0! This puts CocoDoc on top of the software editing industry and just dominates it.

Is CocoDoc easy to use and install?

In short, Yes! CocoDoc does not need to be installed and is all online (except if you intend to use the mobile app). The signup process is also very easy. You can either sign up by writing down your email, password, and name. You can also sign up via a Google account. It is very simple to use, simply choose a file you want to edit, make corrections, and then save it. That’s all!

How am I sure CocoDoc is the best editing software for me?

CocoDoc has a 14 day trial period available for you to sign up. CocoDoc will not take a single dollar from you for the next 14 days! After the period is over you move to the free version that has limited tools but it will surely help you to find out if this is the PDF editing software for you!


Final words

In our opinion, CocoDoc is the best PDF editing software in this industry. Of course, this site has its cons but its pros outweigh the cons! Users are very happy with the pricing and continue to use them because it is convenient and 100% efficient.

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