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The Rise Of Mobile Esports



With the increase in fan engagement and viewership, esports has become a goldmine for sportsbooks like Betway88. There’s a steady stream of tournaments, and the constant stream of fans presents a unique opportunity different from traditional sports and bookies all over the world are joining the bandwagon. Unfortunately, the 2020 lockdown cooled things a little by keeping fans out of stadiums, but the next big thing in esports is underway.

Mobile games are currently among the most lucrative markets in the world, attracting millions of players globally. Today, smartphones can run high-definition games, bringing in billions of dollars to the gaming market. Game publishers are also working hard to make console and PC games like Call Of Duty and PUBG accessible through smartphones.

Mobile Esports Growth Factors

There are several growth factors in mobile esports revenue, although they vary depending on the market. In mature markets, most teenagers and adults own smartphones and easily access affordable internet, but smartphone penetration is still rising i8n emerging markets.

According to Statista, there are over 3.5 smartphone users worldwide, which represents about 45% of the global population. This number has risen from 2.5 billion in 2016, and it’s expected to keep rising in the next five years.

Most smartphone owners use their mobile phones to play games online and offline. For instance, in the African market, about 70% of smartphone owners use them for gaming, while it’s 60% in Latin America. These smartphone owners are not just the stereotypical players but gamers of all demographics and ages. Even better, there is a wide array of games, ranging from action to puzzle games to appeal to a wide range of audience.

Platforms like Betway88 mobile sports betting are also helping to popularize esports in the global market. Even better, celebrities like Drake and Michael Jordan have been championing for growth in the esports industry, helping to attract the masses to the industry.

Technology has also played a major role in popularizing mobile esports. As more countries embrace faster and higher-bandwidth 5G networks, watching and playing mobile esports has become a more appealing proposition. The players can enjoy high-definition images without lagging or latency redundancy issues.

What Bookies Should Learn About Mobile Esports

From a bookie’s perspective, mobile esports have the same risks as console and PC esports. The logistical hurdles are escalated by their recency, although the potential market is huge. Fortunately, developing countries are keen on mobile gaming, so the market for potential punters is anyone who owns a smartphone and is old enough to wager. However, mobile esports betting has new challenges even for experienced esports operators.

Mobile esports is the newest sector in the industry, so record-keeping and data analysis are nowhere near the levels of traditional PC and console games. However, the player fanbase for mobile esports is huge, although they aren’t the most popular option for hardcore punters. Additionally, there aren’t many mobile esports tournaments compared to established industries that include huge sponsorships and media coverage.

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