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The Sims 4’s next expansion lets you live an eco-friendly life — or the opposite



The next expansion for The Sims 4 introduces a brand-new location, called Evergreen Harbor, where, for the first time, players’ actions will have a direct impact on the environment. The expansion, called Eco Lifestyle, will let players embrace a green lifestyle through gardening, renewable energy, and new features like upcycling goods to something new. It’s a game where you can clean up the neighborhood by switching to solar power or farming insects for sustainable food. But you can also go in the other direction, with a neighborhood blanketed by smog and covered in trash. According to producer George Pigula, the reason you can explore both sides is simple: the game is more of a storytelling tool than an educational one.

“We were really excited to make a world with more grime in it and a lot of players are also excited about that,” he explains. “Plenty of our previous worlds have been ideal and beautiful, which is fantastic. There are a lot of stories that need a setting with a bit more trash blowing through the streets. The world of Evergreen Harbor delivers on that, and we are really excited to see the player creations there. We don’t push the player to travel down any path. They are going to play multiple games and won’t always tell the same story. We make sure that whichever story they want to tell, they have fun doing it. Our concern has always been to make the stories the players choose to tell fun for them.”

Pigula says that the eco-friendly concept is one the Sims team had been playing with for years. Eco Lifestyle includes the usual Sims upgrades like more career paths (including civil designer and freelance crafter), a new community-oriented space, and activities like beekeeping, dew collecting, and even growing cruelty-free meat on an incredibly disturbing meat wall. Perhaps the biggest change, though, is the addition of an “eco footprint,” which tracks not only an individual’s actions, but also the way the neighborhood as a whole is constructed and the various policies its residents vote on. Depending on your footprint, you can end up with a very different experience.

“Your sims can have a neutral impact and continue to source their utilities from the grid,” Pigula explains. “They can go green by using alternatives like solar, wind, or dew collectors. Or they can go Industrial by using fuel based utility generation. We also included all kinds of daily actions the sims take that can feed into this system. For example, gardening helps the eco-footprint go green. Having a bonfire pushes it a little more industrial. Launching a rocket out of your backyard, well, that contributes a bit more to an industrial footprint.”

Essentially, the idea is that, no matter which direction you go in, something interesting should happen. As another example, Pigula cites the way bills work in the expansion. This time around, your sims’ bills are broken down into three categories: taxes, water, and power. And depending on how you play, this can create some new dynamics. “You can use your bills to motivate your sims to play off the grid and generate their own utilities,” he says. “Or, maybe you use it as a motivation to drive your world towards an industrial eco footprint where you can make much more money selling power from your fuel burning generators.”

All this said, while there’s fun to be had ignoring the environment — and maybe even a few gameplay bonuses — that doesn’t mean expansion won’t have any educational value. Pigula describes games like The Sims as spaces where players can explore and experiment with different ideas “without judgement.” Eco Lifestyle may not necessarily advocate one way or the other, but it can show the impact of certain decisions — even if it does so in a typically silly Sims way.

“I feel that experiences like Eco Lifestyle can help educate our players about the different ways you can be eco-friendly and more sustainable for different aspects of life,” Pigula explains. “And it’s a common theme for The Sims in that we’re always giving players a choice to create their own stories the way they want. It’s definitely up to them if some of those in-game choices transfer into the real world, but it’s empowering nonetheless.”

The Eco Lifestyle expansion will be available on June 5th.


Roblox August 2020: FAQs, predictions, Requirements, Robux and more



Roblox August 2020: FAQs, predictions, Requirements, Robux and more

Roblox is a great platform to play games as well as to develop games and earn money. With over millions of games and billions of players, Roblox stands out to be one of the most popular games ever. Every month new releases are added to the game and most often searched are promo codes. Today I am going to share all you need to know about Roblox August 2020.

Starting from requirements, predictions, event list, robux, promo codes, find everything in the article below and ease out your gameplay.

Roblox promo codes August 2020

Promo codes are the alphanumeric codes that can be used to get valuable items in the game. And then You can use these items to make your character look more different and adhere to the crowd. Here is the list:

SettingTheStageBuild It Backpack
StrikeAPoseHustle Hat
VictoryLapCardio Cans
GetMovingSpeedy Shades

Basic game Requirements

  1. A system: it can be a PC or Mac computer
  2. Good Internet Connection: Speed should be enough that game does not stuck in between.
  3. A Roblox account: Roblox Studio is free to use and does not require a license.

Roblox RoCitizens Codes July 2020

Roblox FAQs

How does the Roblox Chat system work?

Roblox’s state-of-the-art filtering system is actively monitored and dynamically adjusted to create a safe chat experience everywhere on the site and in-game.

For players age 12 or less, special restrictions are disposed of on their chat to keep them more secure.

The parents can so control the chat activity of kids and do various settings to ensure the privacy and security of kids. This setting can be adjusted from within the Privacy Tab of the Account Settings page.

How to keep your child’s account more secure?

  • Use a unique password that has a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. Never share your password with anyone, even if it’s a friend you know in real life.
  • Keep your account and personal information (including your name, email, address, phone number, or real-life photos, etc.) to yourself.
  • Enable ​2-Step Verification​ to prevent strangers from accessing your Roblox account.

How to make Roblox account more secure?

By enabling PIN settings.

How much does Roblox cost?

Roblox is completely free to download and join. However, you can take premium membership/ Builders membership to access more features.

Is Roblox Educational?

YES! Kids can play and act as a builder and designer in the game. Also, the players are involved in building complex structures and solving difficult problems. So, somehow the game is educational.

How to get free Robux?

There is no direct way to get free robux you have to purchase them.

9 Best Roblox Youtubers 2020

Final words

Well, folks, this article contains a lot about game Roblox, Roblox August 2020. I hope you would find the article beneficial.

If you access the Roblox platform, mention in comments do you feel is Roblox really education and in what ways? We would like to hear from you.

We appreciate your feedback!

Thank you!

Best Roblox games 2020: the top Roblox creations to play right now

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All you need to know about Roblox Studio: Create games and more



All you need to know about Roblox Studio

What’s not to admire about Roblox? From a massive player base collection of the games to a  hugely popular learning destination, Roblox is a home for creators, developers, and players.  Roblox Studio is a platform for developers who can create games on their own ability. Roblox studio is a great way to enhance your developing skills and earn money. Irrespective of the age bar, Roblox has millions of games suitable for every age group. Scroll down to Know more.

Roblox is based on 3E’s: Enhance(your skills), Enjoy(gameplay), and Earn(by creating games). Creating a game on Roblox Studio ]is a three-step procedure:

1) Create games

Roblox Studio allows you to create any kind of games, for any age group, be it combat or simple adventure. Release the games created with one click to smartphones, tablets, desktops, consoles, and virtual reality devices

2) Reach millions of professionals

Unite with a large audience by joining the incredible, enthusiastic, and international community of over 50 million monthly players.

3) Get Serious Cash

Developers are getting paid for what they love to do. The top developers are earning over $2M a year by providing in-game purchases.

How to customize your Roblox character on Roblox for free??

How to Create games on Roblox Studio?

Creating a game on  Roblox is a six-step procedure.

  1. Create an account on Roblox by entering username, password, and date of birth.
  2. The Second Step is to Download and Install Roblox Studio on your system. For this, you need to go on the Roblox Studio page. Click the create game button there. After that, you would see a message with Download Roblox Studio to download the game. Once Studio downloads, open it and run the program.
  3. Then select the game genre. there are a lot of games like survival games, tycoon games, adventure games, Hide and seek games and many more. So, now you have to select a genre of your choice.
  4. Build an obstacle course.
  5. Test the game. After building it is very important to go for testing before releasing it. For this, you need to enter play mode. Click the play button and test all the necessary features and regressions.
  6. Release the game. Finally, its time to release the game and earn money.

How to get Robux?

Robux is an in-game currency in the game Roblox. These can be used to get clothes and many other useful items. Robux can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Purchase Robux: You can buy Robux on our mobile, browser, and Xbox One apps.
  2. Get premium membership: The player who has premium membership can get free robux every week/month.
  3. Premium members can do trade-off like sell shirts, pants and place access and get a percentage of the profit.
  4. Through game passes.

Roblox PS4: Everything you need to know about Roblox for PS4

Final words

Hey friends, how do you like this brief guide on Roblox studio? I would say it’s a great platfrom not only to enjoy but to earn as well.

I hope you would like it. We would like to read your thoughts.

Share your feedback. Thank you!

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PUBG Mobile Latest Update : First upgradable outfit Golden Pharoah X-Suit Introduced to the game.



PUBG Mobile Latest Update

PUBG Mobile has added its first upgradable outfit Golden Pharoah X-Suit to the game.

The new outfits have been combined with the latest update, which brings the Ancient Secret game mode. There are many variations of the Golden Pharoah X-Suite. Some elements of this outfit are inspired by the future and some by historical elements.

According to the official website of PUBG, it can be upgraded to change its appearance, as it has three variants,

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • one last form

The ancient game mode has gone live in PUBG Mobile and some new features and modes are also available.

PUBG Mobile has tweeted that the Golden Fera X-Suite is the game’s first upgradeable outfit, which may mean that some other suits will be added in the coming times.

Golden Pharoah X-Suit is part of the Ancient Secret game mode, which brings temples to the Erangel and Miramar maps, which float in the sky after a certain time and then disappear.

Suits can be obtained by opening the crate during the event at PUBG Mobile, as well as the ongoing lucky draw, which will run until September 11.

PUBG Mobile has also posted a video on its official website, which gives information about several unlocked items in the game.


  • The Golden Pharoah X-Suite comes with exclusive rewards, which can be achieved by opening the Farah crates until 13 August.
  • It is part of the Ancient Secret Mode. Floating Temple has been added to the game, giving players a chance to receive Epic loot.
  • Puzzle has also been added to both maps and solving them gives great loot. In addition, there is a slate puzzle and a new boss fight, which takes place inside the floating temple.

PUBG Mobile: New Eragel 2.0 Map And Weapons Introduced in PUBG Mobile Beta Version !!

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