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These are the top UK properties people are viewing virtually in lockdown



Chalfont Manor makes the top ten most virtually viewed properties in lockdown (Picture: Sotheby’s International Realty via OnTheMarket)

Being cooped up in our tiny flats all day has really given us a bit of a property obsession.

Stuck in a home without a garden or with limited space for our remote-working desks, all the properties we wish we could afford become even more attention-grabbing.

No wonder we’ve given up hours to gazing at the dreamiest house listings around, so we can imagine we live in massive mansions with pools rather than spending lockdown in an apartment that’s nowhere near as impressive.

Facilitating this new way of whiling away the hours is property website OnTheMarket, which offers virtual 3D tours to allow people to look around homes without breaching social distancing measures.

They’ve rounded up the top 10 most virtually toured properties people have been gazing at in lockdown. Surprise, surprise: the majority are massive, super pricey builds with plenty of room to lounge around.

Vikki Bennett, spokesperson for OnTheMarket, says: ‘It’s interesting, although unsurprising, that consumer engagement with virtual tours has risen considerably since the beginning of lockdown.

‘OnTheMarket is still receiving millions of visits each week and we believe millions of people are still seriously searching for their next home.

‘While many people will fancy a glimpse through the keyhole at a luxury townhouse, virtual tours have become invaluable to serious buyers.’

Let’s take a look at the homes people have been lusting over in lockdown.

This six-bedroom townhouse in Belgravia has a swimming pool, a gym, and a cinema room (Picture: Rokstone, Marylebone via OnTheMarket)
Just look at those double sinks (Picture: Rokstone, Marylebone via OnTheMarket)
There’s a large garden, too (Picture: Rokstone, Marylebone via OnTheMarket)
A Tudor style manor you’d need loads of friends to fill up (Picture: Sotheby’s International Realty via OnTheMarket)
There are 12 bedrooms, multiple dining and living areas, and a home theatre (Picture: Sotheby’s International Realty via OnTheMarket)
And of course there’s a pool (Picture: Sotheby’s International Realty via OnTheMarket
This one’s on the cheaper end of the list, but it’s still lovely (Picture: Wards, Rainham via OnTheMarket)
Yes, we are jealous of that kitchen (Picture: Wards, Rainham via OnTheMarket )
A detached farmhouse ideal for anyone who likes the feel of a cosy country cottage, but with some upgraded featrues (Picture: James Du Pavey Estate Agents, Natwich via OnTheMarket)
Peek through the windows and you’ll get lovely countryside views (Picture: James Du Pavey Estate Agents, Natwich via OnTheMarket)
A classic kitchen (Picture: James Du Pavey Estate Agents, Natwich via OnTheMarket)
Head up to the roof terrace for incredible views (Picture: Move Revolution via OnTheMarket)
The Colgate home once served as a water tower (Picture: Move Revolution via OnTheMarket)
The spiral staircases and cosy fireplaces offer lots of charm (Picture: Move Revolution via OnTheMarket)
Take your pick from four bedrooms (Picture: Move Revolution via OnTheMarket)
This living area is at the top of the home (Picture: Move Revolution via OnTheMarket)
A lovely country cottage with more than six acres of land (Picture: Helmores, Crediton via OnTheMarket)
There’s a detached ‘pod’ that would work brilliantly as a home office (Picture: Helmores, Crediton via OnTheMarket)
A lovely kitchen (Picture: Helmores, Crediton via OnTheMarket)
This converted mill would make a brilliant family home (Picture: Town & Country)
The ultimate luxury London pad (Picture: Strutt & Parker via OnTheMarket)
There’s a concierge service, obviously (Picture: Strutt & Parker via OnTheMarket)
Spy brilliant views of the city skyline (Picture: Strutt & Parker via OnTheMarket)
If you want to live by the sea and go out for forest walks, this is your dream home (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)
The home is walking distance from the beach (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket )
And the interiors are pretty lovely too (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)
Pretend you’re royalty in this countryside kingdom (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)
16.46 acres are all yours for exploring (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)
You need to check out the library (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)
A lovely conservatory, too (Picture: Galbraith via OnTheMarket)

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Viral TikTok has the best kitchen tap hack to fill up paddling pools and water the garden



It’s incredibly simple (Picture: TikTok)

The only thing sadder than having to put the paddling pool in the shed at the end of summer is getting one and realising you have to fill it up without a hose.

Not all gardens have hoses, which means watering the garden, washing the car, and filling up any large bodies of water are basin or bucket jobs with multiple trips to the sink.

A viral TikTok has given hope to those without outdoor faucets, though, giving us a way to hook a hose up to our kitchen tap.

In a video by John McNeill, we see that the bottom part of the tap easily screws off, and can be replace with a hosepipe attachment with no tools required.

From there, you simple click on a standard hosepipe, and you’re good to go.

Of course, this won’t work for every single tap, but it will on most, so it’s worth a go.

You’ll need to measure the width of your tap outlet, but there are various types of threaded hosepipe connectors, so you should be able to find one that fits on sites like Amazon or in a local hardware store.

Depending on how far your kitchen is from wherever you need your hose to reach, it’s also worth thinking about getting an extra-long one.

Even if you don’t need a hose, unscrewing the bottom of your tap every so often is worth doing. You can remove the filter part and give this a clean with some limescale remover (as it can build up, particularly in hard water areas).

More: Interiors

You can also fit a different part like an aerator to save money on your water bill and do better by the planet. Some water companies even offer these for free to help their customers go greener, so check your postcode on the Save Water Save Money site to see if you’re eligible. Even if not, it shouldn’t cost you more than a tenner.

If you’re in the business of sink-side upcycling, why not also check out this woman’s ingenious trick to utilise the ‘pointless circle’ in her kitchen as a washing up liquid dispenser?

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