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Things You Shouldn’t Say In An Interview When You Lack Experience



What Not To Say

We’ve all been there before – preparing for an interview for a job we have little to no experience with. Even though you have no experience for the job, you’re still shortlisted for an interview and are possibly competing against numerous other candidates who might have much more experience than you do.

How then, do you distinguish yourself from the other candidates? After all, you need to possess something valuable to be able to make up for your lack of experience. There are probably some ideas in your head, but they could be slippery slopes that you might want to avoid. In this article, we also present you with better ways you can handle this tough and dreaded question, so you don’t walk out of that interview room feeling like you’ve lost. Learn how to handle walk in interview singapore.

You are a fast learner

You might be enticed to brag that you pick skills up really fast, so it wouldn’t be a problem if you have no experience. However, this does not set you apart from the others who also can say the same thing about themselves, or even worse, those who already have a set of experience so that they don’t even have to be trained by the company. Employers would much rather hire those who have the experience so that they don’t have to spend the resources and time to train someone who doesn’t. Thus, even if you would make an outstanding employee who can learn fast, you will still most likely not make the cut.

Fret not, however, because there is a way out. If you find that you are constantly being asked why you should be fit for the role despite having little to no experience, you might want to take a step back and look for other roles that may be similar to the one you are looking for. Certain positions below the level you desire could require less or no experience, and then you can make your way up from there. Otherwise, you could sieve out companies that aim to train and groom people with no experience. There are companies who aim to invest in newcomers and train them, so there you go. If you know where to look, then half of the battle might already be won.

You’ll work extra hard

This would probably be the last-ditch of effort anyone can give. When you watch survival shows or talent shows, would you give a chance to someone who definitely does not make the cut, against others who are immensely more talented? The answer would obviously be no. Most of the time, like those judges who said no, the employers have already made up their minds and chosen not to hire you. In fact, this sentence would make you seem even more desperate and reveal how much you lack the experience. If you think about it, who else would not work hard? Even those with the experience can work hard, and they can produce more results faster.

Even if you do not get the job, you can always look out for alternatives that your interviewer might offer you. You might not get that specific role you are interviewing for, but you could still work in that particular company or organization. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice here. If you’re lucky enough, you might end up with a couple more opportunities at the company. Since you are already shortlisted, this means that not all hope is lost and your interviewer saw something in you to bring you in for an interview. Your interviewer could recommend you certain positions they think you might do well in, so it may be a blessing in disguise.

You are better than the company

Given your lack of experience, you might be tempted to present yourself as an employee who possesses better experiences than the one that they are looking for. People like these try to reject the qualities and experience the employers are looking for and offer them something they have that will push the company into the limelight. This is often common in non-profit organizations, where potential candidates brag about how their business experience could be a much better alternative to the company.

While such confidence could be beneficial and show how much they are capable, this could rub off the wrong way, especially if you bring out this strategy too early on. It gives the impression that the employers do not know what they are doing, and needs someone better. Obviously, you’ll come off as cocky and that is not a great first impression to have.

However, if you know that you have the experience that could really help the company and want to highlight that, you can do that by asking them questions. Be proactive and ask the interviewer about other challenges they may face, and what their goals are. If your interviewers see that you are sincere in how you can contribute to the company, then they might be open to see what areas or positions they could offer you. Then, you can present your relevant skills that might be valuable to them in those areas, without discrediting the company. This helps them to see your potential and value that they might have missed out on, and realize how you might be an asset to the company after all.


This interview question is still tricky, and you might still be on the shorter end of the stick despite these tips. Different interviewers look for different things, and not every interviewer might be as merciful. It is definitely nerve-wracking to prepare for such a question because there seems to be no correct answer. However, these tips are meant to give you better chances by guiding you through the ways you can make yourself a more appealing employee. At the very least, you know you’ve tried your best. If you’re not offered the job, the important thing is to move on and look for another company that will see the value in you.

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