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This Watch surprises the whole country. The price? Ridiculous! (only $69)




Is it really possible to get a high-performing connected watch at a low price? “An exceptional manufacturing quality and a price which beats all competitors.”  Do you know the name of the watch? Do you want to know its more features? If yes, read the article below and get to know everything about eSmart, the name of the watch. This watch surprises the whole country.

eSmart is a new generation watch launched by a new startup. The sales have skyrocketed up, shocked manufacturers, and impressed customers. The eSmart is the leading high-tech new generation connected watch which is three times less expensive than it’s competitors’ production. The customers like its sleek design, the ergonomics of its body, and its ease of use.

Higher Sales…

We all know that Big brands have a high-profit share for their products. They keep the value of the product much higher than their actual making cost.

Though Every year, big brands release new versions of products and earn a lot of money. But the truth is, there is no major change in products. For minute changes they earn a lot of money. So, when people find a product like eSmart, they have gone crazy. The manufacturers of eSmart have kept their profit lowest, I guess, to provide the best to the nation.

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Brief about eSmart

eSmart is a smart wrist band watch that is fully connected to your phone. Mirroring your phone is the main idea behind it.

The eSmart watch is given by a French start-up, which shares the same Chinese manufacturers as its competitors.

Moreover, the quality of the parts is the same as those of Samsung, Fitbit, or any other connected watch currently prevailing in the market. So, this watch stands up with the quality of high-brand watches. Touch and display is truly astounding. The OS used here is fully optimized to prevent bugs.

eSmart Marvelous Features

  1. It is the premier Fitness watch with a high-performing heart monitor.
  2. It has an HD touchscreen with exceptional lighting which readjusts according to light intensity.
  3. The wondrous Sleep and fitness tracker is also there to keep you fit.
  4. The watch is 100% waterproof.
  5. The eSmart will help you trace your progress and will encourage you to be more active.
  6. Personal voice assistant integrated functionality which allows the user to answer calls, organize meetings, and receive notifications.
  7. GPS and wi-fi are some added functionality to eSmart.
  8. You can set alarms for exercise, meditation, or anything.
  9. The watch tells you about the weather forecast.

Technical details of eSmart

  1. The dimensions of the watch are 44 * 38 * 10.7mm
  2. Weight: 50 gms
  3. Protocol Bluetooth 4.0, which assures a robust and reliable connection.
  4. Heart sensors embedded to notify heart patients to slow down their activity pace.

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Are there any glitches? Is the product worth buying?

Actually, the manufacturer of the product focuses primarily on product only not on marketing or brick-and-mortar stores. So, they were able to keep the cost of the product very low, just $69, and its impressive, not I’ll the country but the world!

Everything the manufacturer did online, so no marketing cost incurred thus released a budgeted watch.


YES, THE PRODUCT IS WORTH BUYING! After going through this article you better understand that a watch that posts $300-$400 now be out for just $69! Ridiculously amazing!

OUR verdict

Well, readers, I hope you would like this information. eSmart is just an amazing product with no comparisons. It stands out the best with all embedded features. Also, it’s not going to bur your pocket!

Mention in comments if you need to know anything else.

Share your feedback. Thanks for reading this information!


Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket – For Which One You Should Go For



Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket - For Which One You Should Go For

Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket

Want to know the difference between these two shipping modes? With which shipping method you should go?

Out of Aliexpress Standard Shipping and ePacket, which is cheaper? Then no worries. We are here with a closer look at –Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket. We will help you out to figure these two available shipping ways.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Aliexpress Standard Shipping and the company is the top e-commerce site and property of Alibaba Group. Aliexpress Standard Shipping is not the cheapest delivery option but it is a reliable choice.

AliExpress offers shipping options for every taste and budget:

  • For those who are in a hurry.
  • For those who are not.
  • With extra fees.

With Aliexpress Standard Shipping, the parcels usually arrive within 15-45 days.

You will see the tracking number of the parcel on the product’s details page when the shipment is sent. You can track the location of your package also.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping follows different chain:

Seller-> Aliexpress Warehouse->Courier->Customer.


As the name implies, the shipping service was designed for e-commerce. It helps the customers to receive parcels quickly from online stores and marketplaces that shipped out from China and Hong Kong.

Before ePacket, products were shipped to the US from China via sea. This was a long journey, and shipping took a long time.

However, ePacket has its own requirements. The maximum length of a package is 24 inches (60 cm) and the total length, height, and thickness of the package cannot be more than 36 inches (90 cm).

Additionally, the package cannot weigh more than 4.4 lbs (2kg). Through ePacket, the product can be delivered to 35 countries.

Shipping time may vary and depends on the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other delays. On average a package takes 10-20 days to arrive from the United States.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket

The two shipping methods that we are going to explore are AliExpress Standard Shipping and ePacket. Compared to the other free shipping method, AliExpress Standard Shipping and ePacket can cut down shipping time for a few days.

To know which is the best shipping option, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each shipping method.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping- Advantages

  • It provides free shipping to some destination countries like the USA.
  • Products are packed in good quality packaging.
  • Packages usually arrived within 15 to 45 days.
  • Provides many shipping options according to your choice.


  • Packages usually arrived within 15 to 45 days.
  • It is ideal for small packages.
  • Sometimes you need to pick up your parcels.

ePacket Shipping: Advantages

  • The estimated shipping time is 7 – 30 days.
  • It is cheaper than other shipping services.
  • ePacket is faster than other standard shipping methods being used in China.


  • ePacket is not available worldwide. ePacket delivers the products only in 35 countries.
  • There is a limitation on the size and weight of parcels.

Which Shipping Method Should I Go With- Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket?

According to my choice, you should choose ePacket as it is faster and more reliable.

From our experience, AliExpress Standard Shipping generally has a slower delivery timeframe than ePacket. But if it isn’t, then AliExpress Standard Shipping should be your next best choice for affordable shipping and package delivery.

Summing it Up On :

Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket

This is all about Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket. Hope you are able to figure out which shipping method is best for you.

Give your feedback in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

Is AliExpress Banned In India? Can It Be Banned Soon?

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IT ministry banned 118 more apps including PUBG: Here’s the full list



The Indian government once again banned 118 Chinese applications. The name of PUBG is also included in these apps. 118 other mobile applications of China have been banned by the IT Ministry.

The Ministry of Information Technology had received several complaints from various sources, stating that users’ data is being stolen incorrectly through some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms. 

Here is the full list of apps banned by the government on September 2:

Other Apps which are banned by the Government are :

21.Tencent Weiyun


23.WeChat Work

24.Cyber Hunter

25.Cyber Hunter Lite

26. Knives Out-No rules, just fight!

27.Super Mecha Champions


29.Dawn of Isles

30.Ludo World-Ludo Superstar

31.Chess Rush

32.PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik


34.Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

35.Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon

36.Dank Tanks


38.Game of Sultans

39.Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos

40.Smart AppLock (App Protect)

& 10 Bands Equalizer


61.Web Browser – Fast, Privacy & Light Web Explorer

62.Web Browser – Secure Explorer

63.Music Player – Audio Player

64.Video Player – All Format HD Video Player

65.Lamour Love All Over The World

66.Amour- video chat & call all over the world.

67.MV Master – Make Your Status Video & Community

68.MV Master – Best Video Maker & Photo Video Editor

69.APUS Message Center-Intelligent management

70.LivU Meet new people & Video chat with strangers

91.Murderous Pursuits

92.Tencent Watchlist (Tencent Technology

93.Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese

94.HUYA LIVE – Game Live Stream

95.Little Q Album

96.Fighting Landlords – Free and happy Fighting Landlords

97.Hi Meitu

98.Mobile Legends: Pocket

99.VPN for TikTok

100.VPN for TikTok

101.Penguin E-sports Live assistant

102. Buy Cars-offer everything you need, special offers and low prices


104.Beauty Camera Plus – Sweet Camera & Face Selfie

105.Parallel Space Lite – Dual App

106.”Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC

107.MARVEL Super War NetEase Games

108.AFK Arena

109.Creative Destruction NetEase Games

110.Crusaders of Light NetEase Games

111.Mafia City Yotta Games

112.Onmyoji NetEase Games

113.Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games

114. Yimeng Jianghu-Chu Liuxiang has been fully upgraded

115.Legend: Rising Empire NetEase Games

116.Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Games

117.Soul Hunters

118.Rules of Survival

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PUBG Banned In India : India’s Third Surgical Strike On Chinese Apps !!



The Indian government banned PUBG 

A ban is imposed on PUBG as well as on 118 Chinese applications.

The Ministry of Information Technology had received several complaints from various sources, stating that users’ data is being stolen incorrectly through some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms. Let me tell you that even before that 57 applications of China were banned, including Tiktok’s name.

India’s 3rd Surgical Strike on Chinese Apps

The Indian government has conducted another digital strike against China. The Ministry of Information and Technology on Wednesday banned 118 mobile applications, including the mobile game PubG. This is India’s third digital strike on China’s mobile apps. Earlier, at the end of June, India had banned 47 apps from China including Tiktok, and then 59 Chinese apps at the end of July. The government has cited national security behind this decision.

Why PUBG is banned in India Now?

The statement said that the government has banned 118 such apps which are a threat to India’s sovereignty and integrity, defense of India, the security of the state, and peacekeeping. It said that the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) has received several complaints from various sources. The complaints also include reports of some mobile app users (users) on platforms such as Android and iOS being stolen and stored on servers outside the country.

It is said in the statement that such information is being compiled, analyzed, etc., which are a threat to national security and the defense of India. These ultimately pose a risk to India’s sovereignty and integrity. This is a very serious issue, which required quick action.

According to data analytics firm Senser Tower,

PUBG Mobile is the world’s highest-grossing gaming app. PUBG Mobile’s lifetime collection is about Rs 22,457 crore. 

PUBG VS Free Fire: Reasons Why Free Fire is Getting More Popular Than PUBG

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