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Tips and tricks to play at casinos



play at casinos

Gone are the days when we used to think that the house always wins. Players are getting smarter and coming up with new tricks to beat casinos. With a few playing tricks up your sleeve, you can draw the odds in your favour in many new online casinos. Let’s check them out!

Buy a nice watch

You won’t find clocks and windows in a casino. These places want you to lose track of time to make you extend your gambling sessions. The casinos are designed to numb you from the outside world. It might come as a surprise but the time spent in gambling and the number of losses are very closely related.

Choose games with a lower house edge

Choose more card games to play, as they have a low house edge. Games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, are considered to be more player-friendly. Slots may be fun to play, too, but they have significantly lower odds in comparison to table games.

1. Stay away from the lights

The games with the lousiest odds are presented in attractive spaces with bright lights to lure players. Flashy and colored lights and strategically placed machines with lots of sounds are meant to catch your attention. Casino experts recommend staying away from these areas to save yourself from losing money.

2. Don’t drink too much

The proverb, “There is no such thing as free lunch,” definitely applies to casinos. The free drinks offered have a valid reason. Casinos want you to enjoy yourself too much to leave and also want to cloud your judgment so you keep betting. So focus more on your gameplay, stay hydrated, and don’t consume too much alcohol.

3. Demand bonuses and freebies

Most land-based, as well as online casinos, have promotional offers for their players. They offer welcome bonuses, bonuses for a specific payment processing option, loyalty bonuses, etc. So never hesitate to ask for the promotion offer of that day and use them to cut your playing cost. You can know more about online casinos and their bonuses at various casino portals online.

4. Demo games

Most casinos offer demo play mode online. You can play your favorite games in the demo mode to understand the mechanics, and once you gain the required skills and are more comfortable to play, you can play with real money. 

5. Difficult navigation designs

The building and casino floor plans are crafted in a maze-like structure to make it more difficult for the player to leave the casino. Flashy lights, sound effects, fancy cocktails, and swank interiors help the house to engage their customers for a longer time.

6. Lights and sound effects

While at a casino, you can often hear announcements like, “You are going to be next” and “Everyone’s a winner,” with flashlight effects. These tend to attract a player to play extra rounds by creating excitement and by influencing you subconsciously. Experienced players stay indifferent to these announcements.

7. Chips are easier to spend

Chips make betting simple and therefore increase your chances of losing more. Chips, when exchanged with currency, don’t feel like real currency, which makes them easy to spend. 

8. Never chase losses

Always play with a specific budget and don’t try to chase your losses. Once you have finished up with your budget, say goodbye to the casino and try your luck another day.

9. Never use a credit card for cash advance

The worst thing to do at a casino is to use a credit card to cash out money. Banks charge a convenience fee for cash withdrawals, not to mention the high-interest rate on credit card cash usage. 

10. Learn when to say no

Players have a decent chance of winning at a game of roulette during the first few spins. But if played longer, it could result in the loss of all your chips. So, it is important to know when to quit and when to raise your bet.

11. Do not let the VIP treatment get to you

Remember that nothing comes cheap, and a high life has a high cost. So, don’t get carried away, when a high-end casino offers you the VIP treatment. There’s always a catch; you might end up paying a lot for the different perks you get.

12. Practice makes you perfect

To play like an expert, you need to practice playing your favorite game. Most casinos make more money when players are not skilled enough to draw the odds in their favour. It’s important to keep studying and learning more skills to stand a chance to win at casinos.


Casinos are an amazing place to visit and enjoy thrilling experiences. You can play online or visit a land-based casino to know more about a real casino feel and try your luck. Try to enjoy and relax within the parameters you have set to enjoy gambling at its best. 

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