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Tips for getting more Instagram followers



Experts who work on Instagram know few tips and tricks to improve the reach. Do you want to know more about Instagram marketing? This post is right for you. We will share with you very important tips on how to get boosted and play ‘perfect game’ with the algorithm of Instagram. These tips are from our personal experience, so it’s not something that can work on everyone. You can use these tips to get more and more loyal Instagram followers.

1. Quality over quantity: While I used to post every nonsense, I now think ten times whether I should really upload this photo now. As a rule, you lose followers for every slightly shaky, noisy or colorless picture. Better to post one picture too few than one too many, prefer to share something like that on Twitter.

2. see what goes down best: that overrides my previous rule a bit. Keep trying a few new things and see what people want to see. You notice that pretty quickly from the number of likes. For a long time and on purpose, I didn’t post mirror outfits, but when I bought a new, large mirror, I noticed that sometimes it goes down the best. Nevertheless, I only upload mirror outfits if they are sharp and well lit.

3. Use hashtags, but please do it in moderation: It is very unlikely that anyone will find you #Outfit or #selfie, because these hashtags are used so often that in a fraction of a second you will end up in row 50 and in oblivion. But there are, for example, more specific hashtags with which this works great. For example, I always tag my cats with their breed and color, or other pets – it works every time, you get a big reach.

4. Use Instagram-compatible images on blogs and other social networks: Do you use Pinterest, Facebook? Use pictures that you get in a square format as often as possible. It’s best to upload a photo in square format right away. There should also be at least one picture on the blog that you can instagram without any problems. The probability that you will be posted and tagged by others increases extremely. I’ve often gained a few hundred followers within a few minutes.

6. Check in: are you in a nice hotel, a store, in the park? Use the place name. People relatively often look to see who else was in the same place when they post a picture. If you’ve uploaded a nice picture, the chances are relatively high that you will be found.

7. Be active yourself: Look at other profiles, like and comment on them. This is how you appear in the news of other users. Plus it’s fun

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