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Top 10 cross-play games to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch



Top 10 cross-play games to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Do you and your friends have different gaming consoles? So, Are you searching for Cross-play games? IF yes, go through this comprehensive guide and know all about cross-play. Cross-play is gaining popularity and players tend to love cross-play games more. Is it not always necessary that two different friends like the same gaming console? Also, this might be the case one does not have a gaming console but have a PC. But two friends want to play together? keeping this problem in mind, The game developers have started developing cross-play games. Scroll down to Know more!

Cross-play is the potential to play games on different platforms, mandatory on the same server. Someone playing Minecraft on Xbox One and other on PS4, then they can play easily on the same server. To know the complete list of Top 10 cross-play games, read the article below, and enjoy reading!

Can all games be cross-play?

The development cost ad efforts to make a game crossplay is very high that you ever think of. Yes, these days all major games are coming as cross-play games but you should not assume that all future games would be cross-play. Cross-play would work only if the special piece of code is written for it.

“Cross-play is something that would definitely be compelling for players, and as a player, I would love to see it happen. The fact is that achieving cross-play for Overwatch is more difficult than people realize”, Overwatch developer Wes Yanagi Said!

“Enabling cross-play isn’t just about flipping a switch and ‘there you go’. It’s a very multi-dimensional kind of attribute or feature”, Shawn Layden said.

So, the idea is implementing cross-play to provide flexibility to players but not possible for all games!

Top 10 cross-play games to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Here is the complete list of Top 10 cross-play games.

1) Minecraft

  • This block building game introduced cross-play on various devices.
  • best selling PC games ever.
  • Its simple and intuitive interface binds players to the platfrom.
  • Grab an area. build a castle go for a hunt, Defend mops and filly build a city. Keep a check on the survival line in a specific mode.
  • Platforms:  Xbox One, Switch, PC, mobile

2) Street Fighter V

  • Streetfighter is a real combat game that allows you for a head-to-head battle. Choose a character from 16 iconic characters and fight against friends online or offline with a robust variety of match options.
  • The characters have a unique story and training challenges.
  • Launched in 2016, The game is gaining popularity quickly and can be counted in the cross-play games.
  • Platforms:  PS4, PC

3) Dauntless

  • A free to play RPG game developed by Pheonix labs in 2019.
  • The game support both single-player and multiplayer mode (a group of 4)
  • A cataclysmic event has split the world apart, causing monstrous creatures known as Behemoths that prey on the surviving humans. Players take on the role of Slayers to take down Behemoths, accumulating loot that they use to craft and upgrade weapons and armor to take down more extensive and powerful Behemoths.
  • Platforms: Xbox One,  PS4, PC

4) Fortnite

  • Fortnite is a battle royale game, well known to everyone, developed and released by Epic games in 2017.
  • The game is available in three distinct modes: Save the world, battle Royale and Creative mode.
  • Analyze the map gather armors and attack.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, mobile

5) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • The Call of Duty franchise is the cornerstone of the FPS genre.
  • Its latest updation reboots the franchise’s most powerful and widely acclaimed setting in the best possible way.
  • This return to form for Call of Duty is darker and more realistic in terms of the campaign narrative, and naturally, features the stellar multiplayer gameplay that keeps fans coming back to the series year after year.
  • Combine that with its recent battle royale mode, entitled Warzone, and you have a potentially definitive crossplay experience.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

6) Wargroove

  • It is based on a medieval fantasy setting.
  • The game has more magic and Dianasours than vehicles.
  • The gameplay is attractive and worth spending time on.
  • Platforms: Xbox One, Switch, PC

7) DC Universe Online

  • It is a combat massive multiplayer online game, completely free to play.
  • A new, original character that communicates with the iconic heroes and villains of DC Comics. Get a Customized look.
  • As soon as you create your avatar you would be thrown into the DC universe for the very first fight.
  • Platforms: PS4, PC

The rest three in the list are:

  1. Need for Speed: Heat, Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  2. PUBG, Platforms: Xbox One, PS4
  3. Rocket League, Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC

5 Best Youtube Channels to Learn PUBG Mobile Like a Pro

Final Words

Dear readers, Thank you for reading so far!

I hope you would like this comprehensive guide on cross-play games. These are the Top 10 crossplay games to play on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Share your feedback o cross-play. Should it be implemented in all games or not? We would love to hear.

Thank you! happy gaming!


PUBG Ban : Why are PUBG and COD not banned in India? Can It Be Banned in August 2020?



PUBG has a different level of popularity among gamers. People can change their eating habits, can indulge in other entertainment activities but PUBG lovers can’t resist them by playing the game or so.

There are many versions of the game. Just after its launch, it got immense popularity around the world, especially in India.

When the Indian Government took action and banned some Chinese Apps due to the intense situation at Indo-China Border, Gamers were anxious that with Tiktok, Govt could ban PUBG too.

Just after this news, everybody started flooding the web with similar questions like Has PUBG banned in India, Can It Be Banned in the Near Future, and so on.

If you are also one of those PUBG lovers, Then this article might be a great help to you. 

Why are PUBG and COD not banned in India?

PUBG Mobile has been developed and is managed by the PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, which is located in South Korea. After the initial success of the game, Tencent Games approached PUBG Corporation to distribute the game in China.

Soon after the game was a success in China, Tencent Games brought it to India.

PUBG Mobile: Fate in India

Recently, PUBG Mobile has also come under fire in India and it’s fate now hangs in the balance. The Ministry of IT and technology has just banned 47 more Chinese apps in India. These were banned on the grounds of lapses of data privacy.

Why PUBG is not banned in India yet?

  • PUBG says the data obtained from Indian users is stored on servers located in India. “Our servers are located in India.
  • Its support, engineering, and other teams located in offices around the world have access to the information of its users in some countries, but in the case of Indian players, it is located in India only.

After banning 59 Chinese apps last month, the Indian government has bought the hammer down on 47 more Chinese apps with 275 more in tow. 

The list of 275 apps includes PUBG Mobile too.


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Clash of Lords 2 best heroes 2020



Clash of Lords 2 best heroes 2020

Clash of Lords 2 is one of the best strategy games around the world and maintains its position in the top 10. The idea behind all the strategy and clash games is the same. In short, it is, Join a troop, Build an army, and clash with enemies. Clash of Lords 2 is a top-rated game that brings fun and innovative twists on the genre. But before entering into any game you must know about is best characters and here is the list of Clash of Lords 2 best heroes 2020.

Clash of Lords 2 is a fun-filled strategy game wherein you can recruit over 50 heroes and their armors, make and defend a base, and fight beside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes. Are you excited to hop into the pit and punch someone? The heroes fight in a free-for-all frenzy against a force of frightening beasts! Take the Control of the action and become the greatest ruler in the game. To survive you’ll need wit, will, strength. Gather all this and clash!

Why heroes are important?

Heroes are the core of anyone’s army in the game. They gather mercenaries that own similar qualities and attributes to the respective heroes on attacking another player but do not summon them while defending your base. Only when the Hero dies, it is required to heal him but mercenaries are immediately resummoned during the next battle whether or not they die.

Heroes are divided into 4 categories. Starting from normal to epic the qualities per hero increase.  Different heroes will be stronger in different situations. It’s up to you to take advantage of resources in-game and out to build the team that will best suit your goals and style.

Normal Heroes

  • Have green borders
  • Obtained through most game modes they are the weakest and least worthy of the investment of rings, souls, or eggs.
  • Includes Shock Trooper, Dead Eye, and Snifferoos.

Good Heroes

  • Good heroes have blue borders.
  • Obtained through most game modes and are generally unworthy of investment of rings or souls
  • Include Mechanoid, Ogre Chief, Crackshot, Bad Bone, Shadowsword, and Battle Beetle.

Rare Heroes

  • Rare heroes have purple borders
  • Obtained through most game modes and have occasional uses into the mid and late game.
  • Include Hercules, Shinning Wizard, Dragon Rider, Exokid, Pyro Pete, Arcane Warlock, Armored Villian, Head Hunter, and Robin Hood.

Epic heroes

  • They have Gold borders.
  • obtained through 3 or 10x hero hires special events and rewards from IGG.
  • Epic heroes are the strongest and where you should focus almost all of your resources, like gems rings and souls.
  • Includes Dark rider, Great sage, Blockhead, Pounder, etc.

Clash of Lords 2 best heroes 2020

Irrespective of in which category the hero falls, here is the list of top 10 best heroes.

1) Pan Goli

It is considered to be one of the main heroes because of its Best Skill, Aid Skill, and best defensive/offensive hero. It has Great Divine Skill as well.

2) Pounder

Pounder is another important her in Clash of lords 2. Its main features are Best Tank. Its Divine BloodCap is very OverPowered.

3) Renee Ven

Renee Ven! You must have heard this name. It’s Revival Skill and Divine Skill are very Helpful and gives a HUGE edge. Her Aid Skill is exceptional for SharpShooters. She is a proven Clash of Lords 2 best heroes.

4) Arctic Lord

Arctic Lord has Best Fortitude Skill. Along with this, he has High HP and its Aid skills are just mind-blowing.

5) Dark Rider

The reason why Dark rider is one of the best heroes to pick is that it has good HP and Damage reduction is great. It’s Fortitude Skill Dramatically enhances the TH allowing your base to become MUCH harder to 3 stars.

6) Sapphire

It is one of the Clashes of Lords 2 best heroes. Its Divine Skill is great for raiding. Sapphire can fly over Negates Walls, Mortars, and Ground Heroes. It has Tank level HP.

7) Chiron

Are you searching for something specific for the arena? GO for Chiron then. However, he can not Evolve as he does have the 2nd best Aid Skill.

Download Clash of Lords 2 on PC: Free download

Final words

Well, friends, this is all about Clash of Lords 2 best heroes 2020. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.

Share your thoughts. Do mention in comments which hero you chose and what benefit you get from it.

Thanks for reading.

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Roblox August 2020: FAQs, predictions, Requirements, Robux and more



Roblox August 2020: FAQs, predictions, Requirements, Robux and more

Roblox is a great platform to play games as well as to develop games and earn money. With over millions of games and billions of players, Roblox stands out to be one of the most popular games ever. Every month new releases are added to the game and most often searched are promo codes. Today I am going to share all you need to know about Roblox August 2020.

Starting from requirements, predictions, event list, robux, promo codes, find everything in the article below and ease out your gameplay.

Roblox promo codes August 2020

Promo codes are the alphanumeric codes that can be used to get valuable items in the game. And then You can use these items to make your character look more different and adhere to the crowd. Here is the list:

SettingTheStageBuild It Backpack
StrikeAPoseHustle Hat
VictoryLapCardio Cans
GetMovingSpeedy Shades

Basic game Requirements

  1. A system: it can be a PC or Mac computer
  2. Good Internet Connection: Speed should be enough that game does not stuck in between.
  3. A Roblox account: Roblox Studio is free to use and does not require a license.

Roblox RoCitizens Codes July 2020

Roblox FAQs

How does the Roblox Chat system work?

Roblox’s state-of-the-art filtering system is actively monitored and dynamically adjusted to create a safe chat experience everywhere on the site and in-game.

For players age 12 or less, special restrictions are disposed of on their chat to keep them more secure.

The parents can so control the chat activity of kids and do various settings to ensure the privacy and security of kids. This setting can be adjusted from within the Privacy Tab of the Account Settings page.

How to keep your child’s account more secure?

  • Use a unique password that has a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. Never share your password with anyone, even if it’s a friend you know in real life.
  • Keep your account and personal information (including your name, email, address, phone number, or real-life photos, etc.) to yourself.
  • Enable ​2-Step Verification​ to prevent strangers from accessing your Roblox account.

How to make Roblox account more secure?

By enabling PIN settings.

How much does Roblox cost?

Roblox is completely free to download and join. However, you can take premium membership/ Builders membership to access more features.

Is Roblox Educational?

YES! Kids can play and act as a builder and designer in the game. Also, the players are involved in building complex structures and solving difficult problems. So, somehow the game is educational.

How to get free Robux?

There is no direct way to get free robux you have to purchase them.

9 Best Roblox Youtubers 2020

Final words

Well, folks, this article contains a lot about game Roblox, Roblox August 2020. I hope you would find the article beneficial.

If you access the Roblox platform, mention in comments do you feel is Roblox really education and in what ways? We would like to hear from you.

We appreciate your feedback!

Thank you!

Best Roblox games 2020: the top Roblox creations to play right now

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