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Top Influences of Technology on Online Betting



Technological advances are responsible for dramatic changes in various sectors from retail to entrepreneurship. Gambling is among the industries where technology has had the biggest impact. Various technologies revolutionised how people gamble with the increase in access being the biggest consequence. From online sports betting to online casino gaming, gambling is more accessible today than it was a decade ago. Different innovations have left their mark in the sector, and it’s important to understand how. This article explores some of the significant influences that have made the online betting sector what it is today.

Large Selection of Products

One of the biggest plus points of using an online betting site is the dizzying number of products that gamblers have at their disposal. Because web platforms don’t have to worry about hiring staff or a physical location, they can afford to offer a huge collection of products. Online casinos are particularly at an advantage. You can find a casino with a few thousand titles spanning across different categories. The same goes for sports betting. Online bookmakers have odds for various sports. You can see some of the sports explained here at The large selection of gambling options available makes it easy to find products that satisfy specific needs.

Live Streaming

In sports betting, live streaming services have changed how punters gamble. With live streaming, people can watch events straight from the gambling platform. It means that they don’t have to pay for cable TV or streaming services to watch games. Most top-rated betting sites have live streaming for different sports from football to horse racing to Formula One. The trouble with streaming services is that operators need to get the rights to events, which is not usually easy.

Mobile Gaming

Online gaming paved the way for mobile betting. Half the world’s population accesses the internet through hand-held devices because it is more convenient. For that reason, businesses customise their offerings to cater to this target market. Online gambling sites have native apps and optimised websites that customers can use on smartphones and tablets. Of course, the features available on mobile might be a tad limited. However, modern apps and sites have come very far. Users can do just about anything from streaming matches to playing live dealer games.

Interactive Gaming

Live dealer gambling would not be possible without technology. As much as online gambling has its advantages, there is something to be missed in the act of playing with dealers. Having the croupier make calls in a roulette game or betting against a real dealer in blackjack offers a special thrill. Live casinos allow gamblers to experience all this without having to go to a brick-and-mortar establishment. Operators set up gaming lobbies then film all the action on HD cameras which they then stream to players. Thanks to technology, players can engage with dealers and other gamblers from their computers.

Availability of Loyalty Schemes

Online betting operators have the power to reward customers through loyalty schemes. Web-based platforms can easily track every deposit and wager then use that information to reward bettors. Usually, operators allow customers to earn compensation points that they can redeem for different prizes. Some sites even have VIP programs where big spenders enjoy various perks, such as exclusive bonuses, gifts and dedicated account managers.

Blockchain Technology

Gambling is one sector where blockchain and cryptocurrency have had a big impact. Blockchain technology facilitates the use of digital currency. Cryptocurrency is decentralised, meaning that it doesn’t depend on regulation from the government. The lack of a third party to control transactions makes crypto one of the fastest mode of payment. Gamblers can deposit and withdraw funds in a few minutes. Also, digital currency provides anonymity. So, if you prefer to keep your gambling activities private, cryptocurrency allows that. Bitcoin was the first crypto coin to be created. However, the market is now flooded with other options, inclusion Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Although cryptocurrency gambling is gaining traction, it is still in its infancy stages. The expectation is that as digital coins become more popular and accessible more operators will support the technology.

As technology keeps evolving, the betting industry is bound to experience more effects. Even though technological advances have their benefits, they also warrant careful consideration. Therefore, the operators who implement them and the gamblers who use them should know how to get the best from them.



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