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Truecaller becomes helpful in finding Corona Hospital, help like this




Corona wave continues throughout the country. Everyone is engaged in helping each other in their own way. In this list, many tech companies are also trying to ease people’s problems in their own way. The popular call identification app TrueCaller will now also be helpful in finding Corona’s hospital.

Truecaller has added a directory of hospitals.

Any user in India will be able to access it. Telephone numbers and addresses of Kovid hospitals across the country will be written in this directory.

Will take information from the database According to the information, the truecaller is taking this information from the official database of the government. With this, you will be able to find a place according to your need. This directory of it will be available to everyone, whether it is a free-tole user of True Caller or a user of True Caller’s Premium and Gold Subscription. The True Caller directory can be accessed from the dialer function or via a separately added menu.

The true caller says that we are trying to help people through this directory.

In this, we will continuously add the number of hospitals. The company says that the app does not guarantee people to get beds in the hospital or to get medical facilities.

However, the directory will help people to find a hospital. This update of True Caller is going on and if you do not see this directory, then you will definitely have access to it in a few hours.

Google is also helping in finding vaccination center from the testing center

You will get information about where vaccination is happening around you through Google Maps. When Google Maps users search the vaccination centers on the app, all the nearby centers will be shown on their screen. This app will also give users information about whether the center is open or not.

Go to your phone’s Google app or in the Chrome browser and type “COVID 19 vaccine” and click Search. After this, you will see a tab of “Where to Get it”, after clicking on it, a list of all the hospitals around you will be exposed where the corona vaccine is being administered.

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