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Twitter advanced search adds filters that can help with Covid related resources




  • Twitter advanced search will help you search for hospital beds, oxygen, and location.
  • Several online tools have been created that allow people to filter online Covid-related resources.
  • This would allow people to save time by contacting the right leads efficiently.

Twitter is a powerful tool if you know how to use its search function properly. Here’s how you can use Twitter’s Search Operators on the platform for help when you need it the most during the pandemic. Several online tools have been created that allow people to filter online Covid-related resources to find what they require geography-wise.

Twitter’s Advanced Search feature essentially lets people filter Tweets depending on the resources they need. For instance, users can filter for fields like a specific hashtag, time period, or Tweets from a particular account using Advanced Search.

To make sure that the most recent Tweets appear at the top of their Timeline, users will need to tap the “Sparkle” button on the top right of their home timeline. This will make sure that the most recent Tweets appear on top of users’ Twitter timelines.

The development comes as the searches for COVID-19 essentials such as Remdesivir injections, RT-PCR tests, oxygen cylinders, and hospital beds have spiked over the last few months. This was revealed in data sourced from Google and third-party social media analytics platforms.

Twitter advanced search: Here’s a quick step by step process to follow the same:

  • Type any specific keywords into the search bar and it will show tweets related to that keyword.
  • If you type “Oxygen cylinder vendor” into the search bar, it will find tweets exactly in that order.
  • Any user can further search for tweets from any account by typing from his account.
  • Search for a specific hashtag like #COVIDSOS can also be use to find all tweets made by users in a particular area, by typing “#COVIDSOS” near: “Delhi”.

If you want to make sure that the search you’re performing also shows tweets that have a specific engagement level, then you can add a filter for minimum replies, minimum likes, minimum retweets.

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