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Twitter introduces DM search bar in Android with improved version!!



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  • Twitter introduces the DM search bar to Android.
  • The feature will be an “improved version” of the existing search feature.
  • The company is also bringing the ability to search through message content later this year.

Twitter is finally giving its DM search feature more attention. Nearly two years after introducing a search feature to DMs on iOS and the web, the company is finally bringing the update to Android.

The feature works exactly as expected. It’s used to look up DMs from people and groups, making it easy to find a specific conversation without endless scrolling.

The feature will be an “improved version” of the existing search feature and will allow users to search through their entire DM history, not just recent messages. The company is also working on the ability to search the content of messages, rather than just the sender.

DM search bar in Android: The company through a tweet said

“We’ve brought the DM search bar to Android and are rolling out an improved version that lets you search for all of your old convos, not just the most recent ones.”

Another update coming later this year will enable people to search for messages based on their contents. Twitter has previously limited users to search the name of a person or group, so this should make finding messages considerably easier.

Earlier this year, the microblogging platform announced it was testing voice messages in direct messages (DMs) up to 140-seconds long in India. The experiment will be rolled out in phases to the audiences, making India one of three countries to have access to the feature, alongside Brazil and Japan.

Twitter Removes Image Cropping For Posting Pictures

After announcing the change back in March, Twitter has now rolled out uncropped image sharing for its Android and iOS apps. Sharing photos on Twitter now looks a lot different, thanks to the app getting rid of cropped images on the timeline.

Where Instagram posts are at 566 x 1350, Twitter recently added support for 4K images. All of that has made Twitter a more attractive platform for people that like sharing pictures online.

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