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Twitter plans to label the personal accounts of State Heads



twitter labels

On Thursday Twitter said that the company will add labels to the personal accounts of heads of state as it expands its policy on government-affiliated accounts. The labels are meant to provide context for users to “have a more informed experience on Twitter,” according to a blog post from Twitter Support.


Texts will also be added to the labels to specify them furthermore. The company will apply additional labels to state-affiliated media accounts in the coming months.

They have stopped amplifying tweets from accounts where a government “exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, direct or indirect political pressures, and/or control over production and distribution.” That doesn’t include news outlets that receive government funding but which have editorial independence.

Twitter started applying labels to the accounts of Government officials in the month of August. The labeling started with a few countries like Russia, China, France, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.

Twitter labels to be expanded in which countries ?

The company plans to expand it to Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates starting from February 17th.

“After receiving feedback on this initial action from a range of stakeholders – including civil society, academia, and those who use our service – on Wednesday, February 17, we will expand these labels to accounts from Group of Seven (G7) countries, and to a majority of countries that Twitter has attributed state-linked information operations to,” Twitter said in a blog post on Thursday.

“The immediate next phase will be to apply these labels to state-affiliated media entities of these phase two countries. Beyond this, we will continue expanding labels to additional countries over time and look forward to providing additional updates as those plans take shape,” it said.

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