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Twitter three new labels warn users about misinformation!! Check Details



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  • The company’s three new labels tackle the problem of misinformation spread on social media.
  • Twitter says that it “strives to comply with applicable laws in India.”
  • It is unclear when Twitter will roll out these new misinformation labels on the platform

Twitter announced Monday that it will start labeling tweets that share misleading information. The labels will include links to relevant information from official bodies.  Twitter use this feature during the election to curb falsehoods about voting and results.

The company is working on three new labels to tackle the problem of misinformation spreading on social media. The three labels that Twitter seems to be working on include “Get the latest,” “Stay Informed,” and “Misleading”.

Twitter three new labels:

  • The “Get the Latest” label provides the most up-to-date information on the topic in the tweet.
  • “Stay Informed” provide more details on the concept discussed in the tweet.
  • The “Misleading” label will alert the reader that the tweet may be wrong or manipulated.

Twitter plans to eventually use a combination of automated tools and human moderators, but for now, its human team will label tweets while it trains its system. The label rollout will start with  English-language content first.


The new labels are similar to Facebook’s anti-misinformation banners or the labels Twitter began deploying early in the pandemic. In circumstances where they do not remove content that violates policy, they may:

  • Apply a label and/or warning message to the Tweet.
  • Show a warning to people before they share or Like the Tweet.
  • Reduce the visibility of the Tweet on Twitter and/or prevent it from being recommended;
  • Turn off likes, replies, and Retweets; and/or
  • Provide a link to add explanations or clarifications, in a curated landing page or relevant Twitter policies.

Twitter has added a new Fleet option to add a background video or image to their Fleet with their device camera or Camera Roll, that expands your visual communications options.

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