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Types Of Casino Bonuses & Wagering Requirements: What’s To Know



Casino bonuses are some of the most enticing reasons to consider one casino operator over another. Check our guide below to get comprehensive info.

Casino Bonuses & Wagering Requirements: Make The Most Out Of Your Casino Experience

If you’re an experienced punter in the online gambling world, you probably know plenty about casino bonuses and other offers. However, beginners would do well to learn about these promotions before engaging in internet gambling.

Some of the reasons for researching these beforehand include the numerous bonus types, winning odds, payout rates, and more. Each of these aspects can make or break your online gambling experience, so it’s wise to learn more about them before wagering on real money games.

Simultaneously, most bonus offers feature wagering requirements, which can be a particularly confusing term for first-time bettors. But, not to worry because we’ll cover both segments below, so let’s begin.

What Types Of Online Casino Bonuses Are There?

When it comes to the different bonus offers, these promotions usually depend on the specific operator. Regardless, most online casinos uniformly present new and existing players with an established promotional roster. You’ll be presented with a casino offer when signing up, and these promos typically include:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Referral bonuses
  • Payment-method bonuses
  • Free spins.

Deposit Bonuses

You’ll often encounter these bonus offers under the term “monthly bonus,” and they serve to motivate players to continue playing for more extended periods. Additionally, marketing-savvy casino teams sometimes also use deposit bonuses to invite inactive players to come back and spin the reels.

More often than not, you can claim deposit casino bonuses as a “thank you” from the casino for your loyalty, typically once every month. Alternatively, it is not uncommon to receive these offers in the form of reminders to get you to re-start your playing sessions.

Numerous factors influence the bonus offer’s amount. These factors usually include whether you’re active or inactive, the amount you’ve wagered during the previous month, the specific operator’s bonus policy, and more.

No Deposit Bonuses

This offer’s name pretty much explains its essence. A no deposit bonus does not require players to deposit any cash to claim the offer. On the other hand, the casino team aims to prevent players from abusing the bonus system by attaching wagering requirements to such offers (more on this aspect later).

Players usually get to redeem such a bonus only after playing a lot of times in a specific game. Also, you typically won’t get much value in these offers; expect anywhere between $50 and $10. Moreover, the casino also caps your wins from this bonus as a way of preventing its losses. For instance, claiming a $10 no deposit bonus may include a maximum $100 win.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is one of the casino’s most potent weapons for attracting new players. Most operators give these promos to newcomers to motivate them to try games and find favorites.

You can usually claim these casino bonuses after you deposit funds to your new casino account for the first time. For instance, most operators feature a 100% match bonus, meaning that you deposit $100, you receive an additional $100 from the casino. Consequently, your starting bankroll will total $200. However, some of the typical wagering requirements for this offer include wagering on specific games.

Your following deposits (second, third, fourth, and such) can also sometimes feature a welcome bonus. In this case, the casino will only grant you a 100% bonus match on your first deposit and lower bonuses on subsequent deposits. Regardless, there is plenty of value in such offers.

Referral Bonuses

These casino bonuses are widespread across even free online games. On the other hand, the offer becomes more exciting in an online casino setting. Claiming this bonus is straightforward: you need only register on a casino site and then refer a friend or acquaintance. On the other hand, you’ll need to check which operator offers this bonus as it is typically not very common.

Payment Method Bonuses

You’ll find a plethora of payment options across most online operators nowadays. The difference on the casino’s end is in the taxation associated with each of these methods. Several operators provide casino bonuses to players that use specific payment methods, such as e-wallets or credit-debit cards. On the other hand, despite being beneficial for both parties, such bonuses are currently dying out.

Free Spins

Besides the welcome bonus, free spins are typically the second-most popular type of casino bonus nowadays. You can often claim free spins along with or as a part of the welcome offer, but existing customers can also periodically get them. Claiming this offer lets you spin slot reels for free several times, depending on how many spins the bonus includes. However, prior to withdrawing any winnings from the bonus, you’ll typically need to meet the wagering requirements.

What Are Wagering Requirements & How To Weaponize Them?

Defining a wager is straightforward: this term describes the amount of money you stake with each sports match, a spin of the reels (or roulette), or a hand of cards. Therefore, wagering requirements are conditions you must meet before withdrawing winnings or bonus money. More specifically, wagering requirements stipulate how many times you need to wager a certain amount of money before the casino lets you collect winnings or withdraw the bonus.

Let’s observe an example: Imagine a 30x wagering requirement attached to a cash casino bonus. How should you interpret this information? The answer is that you would need to wager the bonus amount thirty times over before the casino lets you withdraw the bonus amount and the winnings deriving from the bonus.

You can use a formula to help you better understand the wagering requirements associated with each casino promotion. This formula includes multiplying the wagering requirement with the bonus amount to get your total bet. For instance, if your wagering requirement is 30x for a $50 deposit match bonus, your total bet would be $1,500 (30 x $50).

There’s also a chance you might come across a sticky bonus. This promotion is identical to a regular bonus, and the only difference is that you need to also include your initial deposit into the formula. In other words, your total bet would amount to $3,000 ($50 + ($50 x 30)). In any case, remember to thoroughly read the terms and conditions for all casino bonuses before claiming any offers. Being prudent this way will pay off in the long run and will help avoid costly mistakes. Good luck!


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