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Upgrade Your Phone On a Budget: Here’s How



upgrade your phone

Smartphones are increasing in cost year-over-year thanks to their advancements in technology. Soon enough, you will no longer need a separate camera for high-definition camera work or a laptop to browse the internet effectively. But making them this more advanced has sky-rocketed prices.

Here’s how to upgrade your phone on a budget and realize if a phone is worth the price.

  1. Look for Trade-In Programs

In the past, it was extremely common to simply buy your phone outright and then get another when the time came to upgrade. So we would end up with plenty of backup phones if the newer one died on us.

Nowadays, it is more common for cellphone carriers to have trade-in programs. These programs allow you to bring them your old phone and apply it to your upgrade. Getting $25 for a four-year-old phone is better than nothing at all.

You can also price around to see if you can get the best deal. While one company may offer you $25, the other could offer you $100. Don’t settle on just one place.

  1. Wait for the Budget Version

There is now a niche market that most companies are getting into, the budget market. Not everyone has the money to fork over $1,500 for the newest iPhone or Samsung. So they create the “budget” friendly version that provides excellent features for a small price.

A few examples would be the iPhone SE, which starts at $399 and can go cheaper with the trade-in programs. Another would be the Google Pixel 4a, which provides a top-spec phone, but for only $349.

For those looking to get an iPhone, learn how to here get one without a credit check here.

  1. Look Into Monthly Payments

Not everyone has the money to buy these phones upfront. This is where monthly payments come into play. They are often minimal payments every month and can even be 0% APR if the company allows.

This can bring that $349 to $399 cost down to $10 to $15 a month.

  1. Ensure You’re Paying a Decent Price

While it may be tempting to go ahead and do the monthly payments, you can be tricked just like with car payments. The monthly price sounds wonderful, but the overall cost ends up being jacked sky-high to accommodate you.

Price out what you are paying for and look into different carriers or buying directly from the company. Prices fluctuate and can go on sale. If you’re aware of a company constantly putting up sales of the phone you’re looking at, wait it out.

If you’re feeling good, try haggling. Nothing makes salespeople work harder than letting them know what their competitor is offering to you.

Upgrade Your Phone, Just Don’t Go Broke

At the end of the day, you might need to upgrade your phone to ensure that you have a form of contact and get through the day. It may not be optimal, but buying a phone is needed sometimes. Just don’t get ripped off in the process.

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