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Upgrades in Sports Betting Technology – 4 of the Best



For most of us, our daily lives rely heavily on technology. Throughout history, technological advancements have been the key to success, and gambling is no different than any other industry in that respect. Sports betting companies continue to upgrade their systems to provide comfort and convenience to their customers. We are going to look at 4 of the biggest and best technological advancements in the sports betting industry over the previous 10 years.

Betting online at sports books is certainly one that plenty of UK citizens see as one of their most popular past times. And contrary to popular belief for those that are anti gambling, you don’t have to bet large amounts to have fun. Some sports books will allow you to bet as low as a penny or £0.10 if that’s what floats your boat! There is so much fun to be had becoming a member of an online sports book too. You can flick between sportsbooks to take advantage of better odds for certain sports markets and to claim the best bonus offers. And with all this comes ingenious technology!

1. Mobile Sports Betting

Gambling on the go! Almost every bookmaker now offers a mobile app that customers can install onto their phones or tablets. With the use of mobile data, we can now place a bet as and when we please, providing we have a device handy. We are able to deposit and withdraw money using online banking which offers all the benefits to what is slowly becoming a cashless society.

Phones previously tormented us with slow internet, but now we are seeing 4G and even 5G meaning that we are now able to place a bet faster than ever before. Punters no longer have the time-consuming task of walking to their local bookmaker, writing out bets and waiting in line to get a bet on. Sports betting has never been a quicker procedure than it is today. It is hard to see if and how it will continue to get faster.

2. Virtual World of Sports

Virtual reality sports have a huge fanbase. Bookmakers linked up with computer software developers to create their own world of sports, with games going on 24/7. Horse racing, football, greyhounds are amongst many sports that the bookmakers have recreated to allow us to watch and gamble whenever we want to. The virtual reality sports provide customers an alternative to the other virtual games like roulette and bagatelle.

The games themselves are high in detail and quicker than reality, so a game of virtual football, for example, will usually be a few minutes long rather than the 90 minutes of a real-life football match. This means that customers can get their thrills dozens of times a day if they wish.

3. Customer Safety

Trust was always an issue in the early days of online gambling. There were some people who found it difficult to trust that they wouldn’t get hacked and lose all of their money. With the advancements over the last few years, we can now be confident that our finances will be safe using the bookmakers Safe Payment systems. Special encryption technology makes it impossible for somebody to steal your personal data like bank account details or a password. Punters can now rest assured that they are in very safe hands.

4. Cash-Out Option

The cash-out option has divided opinion since it was first introduced. Once you have placed a bet, the bookmaker will offer you a price for you to exit your bet early. It is a great option to have because if you feel like you placed the wrong bet or you are going to lose, now you can get some of your money back. Equally, if you are winning but you don’t feel comfortable waiting for the result, you can get your money back with some profit too.

It has divided opinion because people have cashed out early and gone on to regret it, on the flip side, people have cashed-out at exactly the right moment, all to the expense of the bookmaker.


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