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Vaping epidemic: what are the risks



Vaping epidemic

For the first time, vapes appeared in the United States in the late 80s. It was assumed that they are less dangerous than cigarettes, and will help smokers get rid of terrible dependence. However, two years later, medical associations of pulmonologists, cardiologists came up with the initiative to reject vapes. The reason is that women and men – consumers of vapes – began to have children with deformities. Several studies have been conducted in the USA, Great Britain, and Asian countries. 

Propylene glycol and its analogs, which are part of vapes, began to be fed to animals. As a result, in 90% of cases and more, offspring were born with deformities ahead of schedule. That is a 100% risk of a teratogenic effect, causing the birth of children with malformations, non-viable children, as well as fetal death, was proved. As a result, vapes were banned. But years later, the wave of vape propagation reappeared, affecting many countries.


Are vapid fluids containing substances hazardous to health?


Not a single component of the vape passes registration. There is no official mandatory certification of liquids for a desktop vaporizer ( What substances are included in the mixtures is unknown. It is proved that at least two of them are carcinogens that can cause cancer of any location, most often lungs.


Is nicotine used for vaping different from nicotine in cigarettes?


Vapers consume nicotine in pairs. As a result of inhalation, an increased concentration of nicotine in the blood, in the respiratory tract is created, which contributes to the toxic effect on the nervous system, heart, and other organs. The lung tissue is continuously under the influence of poisons, as a result of which it begins to rebuild. In place of normal lung tissue, zones with increased airiness (emphysema) are formed, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease develops.

Often vapers do not know the right composition of the liquid for soaring. According to recent studies, in addition to the claimed components, the liquid usually contains undeclared substances. So, it may contain nicotine, although it is stated that it is not. The United States Lung Disease Association writes: even if some manufacturers indicate that the liquid does not contain nicotine, it may still have it. Selective fluid tests for desktop vape showed a higher concentration of nicotine than what is written on the label.

Combustion products have a damaging effect on the lungs. Nicotine is only a drug to which psychological and physical dependence develops. When combustion products enter the lungs, they lead to inflammation and the death of the pulmonary epithelium. This increases the likelihood of infection, bronchitis, emphysema (a complex, dangerous disease, which is characterized by excessive accumulation of air in the lungs. – Ed.), As well as lung cancer. If the effects of regular cigarettes on the lungs are well understood, little is known about electronic cigarettes. It takes some time to evaluate their harm. However, it is already known about the release of toxic and carcinogenic substances that are produced during the formation of steam. Accordingly, we can assume the presence of a possible damaging and carcinogenic effect of electronic cigarettes. Soon we should expect the appearance of cases of lung cancer associated with the use of such devices.

Until recently, we were confident that smokers with long experience could develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – this is a progressive life-threatening disease, manifested by shortness of breath, cough, which eventually leads to disability and death. When a smoker with 10-20 years of experience comes to the doctor who suffers from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – this is natural. When using a desktop dry herb vaporizer, damage to the bronchopulmonary tissue occurs after 3-5 months. A condition similar to alveolitis (a serious illness that also manifests as shortness of breath) develops. Isolated cases of such diseases have previously been encountered in the practice of pulmonologists, but now in connection with the spread of vaping, there are many more such patients.

According to the World Health Organization, every 6 seconds in the world from diseases caused by smoking, one person dies – only about 14 thousand people a day. For this reason, 5 million people die every year. If the upward trend in tobacco consumption continues, then by 2020, this figure will double, and by 2030, smoking will become one of the most significant factors in premature death in the world.

Smoke contains nicotine and products of burning tobacco, paper, and nitrate, which is saturated with cigarette paper. Steam does not have such products, but it includes the decomposition products of propylene glycol and glycerol, as well as flavoring agents that have been tested for safety as food additives, but not for inhalation. Inhaling steam from a vape can lead to emphysema, potentially cancer, tracheal, laryngeal, and cardiovascular diseases. Steam may also contain nicotine, which was and remains a strong poison, in small doses causes dependence and even disrupts the metabolism in the body.

The debate over whether smoking and using tabletop vaporizer bans should be extended is still ongoing. Still, manufacturers are already touting the latter as less harmful to health than smoking regular cigarettes. Meanwhile, a new three-year study conducted at the University of California at San Francisco suggests that vaping increases the risk of developing of different lung diseases.

The fact is that starting from the age of 11, guys, having at their disposal a certain amount of money for pocket expenses, purchase electronic cigarettes (vapes) or bring them home from school. Here, this device causes universal delight and there is no end to those who want to try this new device.

At the same time, children are convinced that the use of vape is safe and not punishable because there is no specific smell of tobacco smoke; instead, there is an aroma of fruits, ice cream, sweets. Adults may not be aware of the real causes of this smell.

Vaping is a relatively new form of tobacco use and a form of smoking. Many years ago, there was a similar story with cigarettes when epidemiological studies made it possible to establish a strong direct connection between smoking and a whole set of severe consequences. Until that time, medical workers even claimed that cigarettes of a particular brand were safe in filter cigarette ads.

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