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Vivo extends warranty of products in lockdown areas!!



Vivo extends warranty


  • Vivo Extends Product Warranty for Indian Customers.
  • The company introduces a free-of-cost handset pick-and-drop service for its customers.
  • The new decision comes days after Poco announced a similar warranty extension policy.

Vivo is joining other smartphone makers to offer extended warranty on devices during this lockdown period. The company has announced that it will now give an extended warranty on devices.

The company has said that- the customers whose phones have a warranty expiry date that falls under the period of the lockdown, imposed in their state will get a 30-day warranty extension.

Vivo extends warranty has its own limitations as it’s not applicable to everyone. Only those people who are currently living in an area where a lockdown has been imposed will be able to avail of the warranty extension.

Vivo also announced a free-of-cost handset pick-and-drop service for customers in select locations. The new decision comes days after Poco announced a similar warranty extension policy for its phones in India by two months.

Vivo in a press statement said:

“The 30-day warranty extension will be calculated from the day when the service centre resumes business. Extended warranty will be applicable if the expiry date of product warranty or replacement falls under the lockdown period”.

Recently the company announced aid worth INR 10 crores to extend support for COVID relief efforts. Also, last year, Vivo had donated over 9 lakh masks, 15,000 PPE suits, and 50,000 litres of sanitiser to the state and central government agencies.

In a statement, Vivo also confirmed that its CALL ME service will be available all seven days of the week between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST. The announcement is the latest in the growing list of efforts taken by smartphone makers to support their customers.

Meanwhile, to check the warranty status of the product, users can visit Vivo official website. For further information, users can either call the Vivo helpline numbers or use the chat support option, also available on the website.

In the upcoming months, Vivo is also expected to launch products other than smartphones.

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