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Wasteland 3 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, Character Building and Much More



Wasteland 3 Beginner's Guide: Tips, Tricks, Character Building and Much More

Are you looking for Wasteland 3 beginner’s guide? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get the whole guidance that solves all your queries.

It is quite understanding that you’ll definitely need Wasteland 3 beginner’s guide: It is more modern than Wasteland 2. It is a game with so many skills and weapons. You have to choose the weapons. You’ll end up flicking between menus trying to decide which is best. It’s got a lot going on, is what I’m saying.

You’ll need around 50 or 60 hours with Wasteland 3 for figuring out the things by yourself., but if you have a few tips and tricks before setting out on your journey your work will become easier.

Wasteland 3 Beginner’s guide

Wasteland 3 gives you the freedom to build whatever characters you want and choose how to improve them throughout your adventures.

The game will start with two Desert Rangers who have fled Arizona following the events of Wasteland 2. You need to establish a new team, by building a six-person party.

In the beginning, you’ll get a choice of five pre-made pairs, each with a fun backstory. But we have the freedom to build our own characters with many customization options. But you should be careful while creating a team.

After you’ve built your character, be sure to get started with our Wasteland 3 Beginner’s Guide for tips and tricks.

Wasteland 3: Character Building

 In Wasteland 3, your squad is made up of six characters.  You will have a choice of selecting premade characters. Initially, you create two. Generally, I’d recommend you craft your own, but it’s all good to start with one of the premade characters as well. Choosing a preset gives you a quicker path into the game itself.

Here are some tips and trick you should follow:

  • Containers can sometimes be hard to spot in the rooms filled with non-interactive objects. It can be even harder when they are wedged into a corner, so be sure to constantly rotate your camera when investigating an area for.
  • If you need to attack something or someone while not in combat, you can trigger an attack by pressing Left Ctrl.
  • You should also get someone who prioritizes first aid to keep your team revived and healed up.

Wasteland 3 Beginner’s Guide: More Tips

and Tricks

Here are a few additional miscellaneous tips and tricks for exploring the wastes, and getting the most out of this epic game.

  • Be sure to upgrade your Kodiak vehicle when you can. The Kodiak upgrades let you traverse the world map faster, and drive through clouds of radioactive smog.
  • Explore every nook and cranny and talk to every NPC if you have the time.
  • Save frequently. You can quicksave before difficult fights or conversations, to give you the opportunity to fix a mistake.

Wasteland 3 Beginner’s Guide: Choice Of


One of the first decisions you’ll make is your starting weapon. Each choice has its own benefits and drawbacks, based on the amount of action.

  • Assault rifles are solid weapons with good penetration, range. Don’t cost too many points to fire.
  • Pistols have high accuracy and cost a few action points of fire. They’re particularly good in the hands of medics since they’ll be able to shoot while still using their expensive abilities.
  • Shotguns deal mediocre damage to a single target but can make up for it by hitting every enemy in a cone.
  • Sniper rifles are expensive to fire, making it hard to shoot more than once per turn.

Final Words:

Wasteland 3 is a truly awesome game but can be complicated for newcomers. If you have any questions about the game, drop them in the comments below, and I shall try to answer them!

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