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What does Twitter’s manipulated media level mean? How it works?



Twitter To Remove Fleets Function

The dispute between Twitter and the Government of India has become quite old now. For the last two years, there has been a tussle between the Government of India and the microblogging site Twitter. Every day there is some dispute from both sides. Recently, there was a lot of controversies even after the new privacy issued by the Government of India regarding social media.

Twitter first told the Delhi High Court that it has appointed an interim chief compliance officer. While Twitter has taken this decision after the last notice given by the government. A few days ago, the tweet of a BJP leader was told by Twitter as Manipulated Media.

What is the latest case?

Recently, a video of a Muslim elder’s beard being cut off in Ghaziabad UP was widely shared on Twitter and even a case of inciting religious sentiments has been registered on Twitter. Police have also termed the claim being made with this viral video as fake but Twitter has neither flagged the video nor removed it from its platform so far. Usually, when a video of a fight or a violent video is shared on Facebook, Facebook blocks or blurs it, but Twitter does not do this.

What is Twitter’s policy on Twitter’s manipulated media level?

Twitter has clearly written on its website that it does not allow any kind of violence, harassment, and other similar behavior on its platform, then the question arises here that when the video of the Ghaziabad assault is going viral. Why Twitter is not taking action on it, why Twitter is not implementing its policy here.

Violent Threat: You may not make violent threats to any individual or group. We also stop glorifying violence.

Terrorism/violent extremism: You cannot threaten or promote terrorism or violent extremism.

Child sexual abuse:  We on Twitter absolutely do not tolerate child sexual abuse.
Humiliation / Harassment: You may not harass or instigate other people to do the same. This includes wanting or expecting to cause bodily harm to any person.

When does Twitter use the manipulated media level?

Twitter usually applies a manipulated level to tweets (photos, videos) containing an edited media attachment. Although how Twitter checks whether a photo or video is edited is not publicly available. It says that you cannot share synthetic and manipulated media with the potential to cause harm. It provides Twitter’s manipulated media level as well as level on source related to that matter.

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