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What Is Branded Content? A Short Guide



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Did you know that 72 percent of marketers think that branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements? Branded content is a marketing method that works and you should consider using it for your company.

Branded content will help your customers connect with your brand. Your brand defines you and gives you a leg up over your competition. Keep reading to learn more about branded content and how it can benefit your business.

What is Branded Content

The first step in understanding branded content is knowing its definition. Branded content is a marketing technique that involves creating content linked to a brand that departs from traditional advertising methods. It allows consumers to make a more meaningful connection with the brand in a space that they are in.

Branded content is not about promoting or focusing on a company’s services or products. This type of marketing appeals to emotions to share the values of a brand rather than what the brand is selling. Branded content also reaches users where they want to be rather than invading their space as in traditional ads. 

How to Start Branded Content Marketing

Branded content is done with a lot of intention and it can be difficult if you don’t have a branded content strategy. Start by deciding what type of branded content you will produce. There are many types of branded content forms from podcasting to events and more. 

There are also many tools that can help you use content that you already have and make it into branded content. You can Convert Images to Videos for Free and make a branded video that displays for company values. Use your content to grab the consumer’s attention and capture authentic engagement from them.

Benefits of Branded Content

There are many benefits to using brand content that will help improve your business’s bottom line. Emotions can play a big part in branded content. Use emotional ties to create connections with your audience.

The emotional connection with a brand can create a deeper level of customer loyalty and increase brand engagements. Traditional advertising is passively consumed and often seen as annoying and invasive. Branded content is sought after by the consumer and is usually seen as positive. 

Brands that successfully use branded content are also usually positioned better than brands that do not. Your audience has positive interactions with your brand through branded content. These characteristics often benefit your business because of meaningful customer connections that have been made through branded content marketing efforts.

Use Branded Content Today

Now that you know all about branded content it is time to start using it. Branded content will give you and your company a leg up from your competition in today’s over-saturated marketing world. Make deeper connections with your consumers through branded content. 

Start creating the best-branded content to connect with your audience. There are always new branded content tips and tricks to learn. If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out others on our blog for more marketing and communications information. 

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