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What is the Best Bookmaker in the US?



Choosing good bookmakers in soccer in the US is not a simple task, there are numerous issues to pay attention to ensure that you are not falling into a trap.

Sites like list bookmakers with legitimate US licenses.

 This is a fact, however, you need not be alarmed by this, in fact, sites that have an agenda beyond entertainment are easily identifiable. And in this text, we will help you separate the safe soccer betting sites from the scams. If you want to know what makes a good sports betting platform, just continue reading this text and find out.

How to choose a soccer betting site

Choosing a betting site is not something simple, as we talked about above because there are many features to consider. What makes a safe betting site? Maybe this is one of the questions that are on your mind, so here is a list of these factors:

Support in English

The US does not have large soccer betting sites, so you will be relying on foreign companies. In this sense, the first thing to look for is if the support offered is in English or another language that you know.

It is very important that you can solve any problems that may occur with your account without problems. Not only that, but it is common for support staff to use translation tools if necessary, making it a very inclusive and safe environment.

Welcome bonus

To choose a good sports betting site, it is interesting to know what you expect from it, especially if you are a beginner. A good welcome bonus will allow you to test several strategies with a considerably lower initial investment.

This is because many sites offer a 100% bonus, i.e. you get the same amount as you deposited in bonus money. Of course, there are minimum and maximum limits for the deposit.

Besides the bonus itself, you can also evaluate the promotions and offers that the site works with. This way, you will see the numerous opportunities that are waiting for you, making the experience of betting on soccer much more interesting.

Site security

Security in a bookmaker takes into consideration several factors:

– Privacy: the first thing you should know is how this site will use your personal data. As a rule, no one who is not absolutely necessary can have contact with your data, be critical about this;

– Licensing: these companies need to be licensed by international (and national) entities to operate, so always look for the licensing organization and research about it. You will often find the names Malta GamingAuthority and Government of Curacao;

– Web security protocols: soccer betting sites also need to be secure, i.e. see if your browser shows a padlock next to the URL and if the site is encrypted.

Another point that you cannot fail to observe is how well the platform pays. The more competitive the odds are, the greater your return in the long run. So, if your intention is to take the betting hobby seriously, know that this is a basic factor when choosing the best soccer betting site.


If you choose a soccer betting site that you don’t know how to use well, know that either you must commit to learning or you will sacrifice your investment. Therefore, test the site and know if it is well constructed. If you create an account, you do not necessarily need to make a deposit.

We hope we have helped you find the sports betting platforms that best suit your way of betting and that are also secure. For more information like this, just keep following this blog!

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