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What to Look For In A Sports Betting App



Businesses providing mobile apps to their customers certainly isn’t anything new or earth shattering. Every company it seems, has an app and is persistently encouraging its customers to download it to their mobile device.

This fact of life is also common in the world of online sports betting. However, there is a significant difference to what these companies are offering to their players in terms of a betting app to access their site and why it’s vital for their future success that it be downloaded

Betting companies don’t merely hope that you’ll download their app. They recognize that with the manner in which their business is evolving, it’s necessary not only that people download their app, but also that said app is able to provide customers with an experience that is at least the equal and hopefully even better than what they offer through their online website.

According to market research and business intelligence firm Hexa Research, this is mandatory not only so these betting sites can thrive, but in order for them to survive amidst their industry’s rapidly-changing landscape.

“Rising consumer disposable income, increasing trust in electronic payment methods for betting, and high adoption of internet-based devices, such as smartphones, are anticipated to stimulate market growth in the years to come,” the company noted in a report released during the East Coast Gaming Conference.

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Mobile Is The Future

Industry consultants are anticipating that within a decade 90 percent of all online sports wagers are going to be made via a mobile device of some sort. Bettors – especially younger sports bettors – aren’t of a mind to sit around for three or four hours in a brick and mortar sportsbook. They aren’t even all that interested in being tethered to a desktop computer at home, or in lugging their laptop with them everywhere they go.

Mobile is their lifestyle. They’re on the go constantly, and they literally want to be able to carry their lives in the palm of their hands.

Many companies were quick to recognize the development of this trend, but perhaps none more so than the online betting sites. In fact, they’ve completely altered the landscape in how their industry works in order to be more friendly with the mobile world that we are living in today.

Live Betting

The creation of live betting is a perfect example of how the game has changed to accommodate mobile device users. Not only are we living within an on the go society, but it’s also become an instant gratification society. The internet has made it possible to find out information in a matter of seconds and with minimal effort.

That fast-paced way of life has translated into the advent of live or in-play wagering at online betting sites. These are wagers on outcomes that occur throughout the course of a sporting event. It could be a bet on which team or which player will score the next goal or hit the next home run. In golf, live bettors can wager on what score a player might incur on the next hole. Will it be birdie, par, bogey, or worse?

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The beauty of these live bets is that they happen quickly. If one doesn’t go your way, not to worry. Another opportunity is coming up right away. The popularity of this type of play is evident in that every betting site now offers a one-click link to instantly access all of their active live bets.

What this means, though, is that these betting companies must be certain that their mobile site works seamlessly, is easy to maneuver through and most of all, is quick to respond. If a bettor can’t access the wagering opportunity to make a live betting play, then the whole process is pointless.

Live Streaming

Another element that is part of an elite mobile betting experience is the ability of bettors to be able to access high quality live streams of events upon which they are making these live bets.

If a bettor can’t clearly see the action, it’s going to be asking a lot of them to blindly wager their hard-earned money on any live betting outcome. That’s why the leading betting companies are now live-streaming thousands of events directly through their mobile sites. In most cases, all a player needs to do to access the stream is to place a wager on that event.

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