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What We Can Bet On In Technology In 2021



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With 5G going truly mainstream this year, the world of tech promises to be truly breathtaking in 2021. This year, other trends awaiting the world include the breakthrough of cryptocurrency, ecological awareness, and space conquest. Here’s everything we can bet to see in the tech market this tear as we continue wagering at Betway.

Bitcoin Reaches New Record Highs In Value

Although this remains the riskiest bet this year, Bitcoin’s upwards trajectory has started showing after reaching a record above $42,000 in January. Some economists envision it reaching a level above the $250,000 mark by the end of the year, although it’s prices started falling soon after recording historical highs. As a result, others predict a sustained downward trend despite its historical level earlier this year.

Considering that Bitcoin’s price collapsed within weeks after reaching peaks three years ago, that’s totally possible. However, many market experts are still confident in the rise of its value.

5g Goes Mainstream

With the first 5G offerings making their commercial debut late last year, most smartphones unveiled in 2021 are expected to be compatible with this technology. Many companies are already eager to take advantage of this ultra-fast mobile network across different industries, including gaming, online sports betting, and communication, to mention a few. That means companies like Betway will continue rising thanks to the ultra-fast 5G tech.

The 5G rollout is expected to spread throughout different territories, including rural areas globally. That will have a major impact on businesses revolving around interactive shopping and augmented reality experiences. More consumers embracing the 5G technology will mean a wider range of services for users at home like citizens of smart cities.

The First Commercial Flight To Space

Following the successful completion of the world’s first human-crewed flight to the international space station in spring last year, SpaceX plans to launch its first commercial flight this year through the Starship rocket. SpaceX plans to start by putting satellites into orbit ahead of human-crewed flights, expected to start from 2023. In the long run, Starship plans to reach Mars, and Elon Musk has proven that his dreams have no limits.

Consumers And Manufacturers Look Forward To Sustainability

Now more than ever, new technologies are taking green ethos seriously, focusing on making the environment more sustainable and less polluted. While that’s a long-term task, 2021 might prove to be the turning point in action and consciousness.

From the manufacturer’s side, that means using more durable batteries, recyclable materials, and smartphones without new chargers. On the other end, consumers will need to adopt eco-friendly behaviours by developing the reflex to recycle, donate, or recondition old electronic devices.


In 2021, most technological advancements will be somehow a continuation of 2020, although many variables might affect the industry. As such, many of the behaviour recently adopted throughout the world will become the new norm in 2021, helping to drive major business and technological advancements. You can expect ongoing innovation on autonomous driving, virtual reality, augmented reality, and 5G technology.


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